O Canada! Sniper Gains World Record

A Canadian Special Forces [sic] sniper looks to have taken out an ISIS fighter from a world-record distance of 11,316 feet, or about 2.2 miles away.

Now, as shooters and reloaders, we know there are a myriad of details which went into making a shot like this successful. “The spotter would have had to successfully calculate five factors: distance, wind, atmospheric conditions and the speed of the earth’s rotation at their latitude,” Says Ryan Cleckner, a former U.S. Army Ranger who served several tours in Afghanistan, and wrote the “Long Range Shooting Handbook.”

Atmospheric conditions also would have posed a huge challenge for the spotter.

Cleckner says, “To get the atmospheric conditions just right, the spotter would have had to understand the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of the air the round had to travel through.”


“While the ammunition that Canadian special forces use in the TAC-50 is “off-the-charts powerful,” with some 13,000 foot-pounds of force when it comes out of the muzzle, the speed of a bullet, a 750-grain Hornady round, is not as important as the aerodynamic efficiency of the bullet.”

Yes. You read it correctly. The rifle is great, the spotter was spot-on, the shooter held to his technique.

One of the largest factors was the bullet. A HORNADY bullet.

This Hornady.

“The key to having a sniper round travel that far and hit a small target has less to do with speed and more to do with the efficiency with which the projectile moves through the air,” he said.

“That’s because while sniper bullets exit the muzzle at several times the speed of sound they eventually slow down to less than the speed of sound, and at that point they become less stable. An efficiently designed bullet reduces that instability, he explained,” Says Michael Obel of Fox News.

“When it all comes together, it’s ‘mission accomplished’.”

Well done, soldier! We appreciate you essentially disrupting a deadly operation about to take place in Iraq by these barbarians.

We have to ask! What’s your longest shot?

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18 thoughts on “O Canada! Sniper Gains World Record”

  1. I would be glad to attempt some 1,000 plus yard shots if someone wants to send me a 50 Cal rifle. Not familiar with the TAC 50, but it sure would be interesting to take her for a romp. Always wanted to shoot a Barrett 50 BMG, so please send me one! How likely is that to happen?

  2. Personally, I think it was Pure Luck. There is NO device that can determine the Wind Direction and Speed for a distance of over 2 miles. Not even close.
    Competition shooters use wind flags and even at 100 yards you can see 4 flags at different speeds and directions.
    Great Shot, but it CAN NOT BE DUPLICATED.

  3. Any old “Deplorable” would be building his own 1K rifle. I am sure someone would send you an old shot out Ma Deuce barrel to begin your build.

    Some of us are building 2K rifles using old Vulcan barrels.

    1. Being a Marine from the “Old Corps”. I would not take love nor money for my M1A. 1000 yard shots I have made no problem. But the snipers of today are amazing. Simper Fi.

  4. I can’t top that since I don’t own/shoot rifles, but I did a deer at 581 yards and 718 yards with my XP-100 handguns! One with a6.5/.284 and 143 gr. Hornady ELD-X and one with a 7mmSAUM and Hornady Amax.

  5. Couldn’t build it in “The People’s Republik of California”. In this state they’ve made.50 cal illegal. As well as many other things related to firearms. Those things not yet illegal are either hard to get or must be registered to be purchased. We live in a very efficient Police State here. Coming soon to you!

  6. .50 cal. rifles are nice if you have a truck to carry it, you and the ammo around. If you are on foot though, it would be almost as good to have a .75 cal. rifle instead. Some very nice weapons in this range.

  7. 1760 yards… .338 Lapua Magnum… 300g Nosler Custom Competition… Savage 110BA Stealth.

    Love hearing about these good guy snipers.

  8. Did he hit the guy with one shot? If not, then he corrected after each miss and the only thing impressive is that he was consistent in his aim point from shot to shot.

  9. The U.S. Military did tests with the 45/70……..yes that’s correct the 45/70 at ……..
    The Report of the Secretary of War, 1880, Volume III, under the chapter titled, “Extreme Ranges of Military Small Arms,” had this to say: (you can GOOGLE this)
    “The firing was done by Mr. R.T Hare of Springfield Armory who has the enviable distinction, so far as is known, of being the only person in the world who has hit the ‘Bull’s-Eye’ six feet in diameter at 2,500 yards with three different rifles, and who has ever fired at and hit so small a target as that described in this report at 3,200 yards.
    Anyone interested in shooting a “Buffalo” rifle at 800, 900, 1,000 & 1,200 yards at 48″ steel gongs using cast lead bullets can do so at the Mathew Quigley range in Forsyth, Montana on the Saturday before the first Sunday.

  10. As we say down here in the South, “Dayum!!!! That’s some mighty fine shootin there son!”
    Thank you to our neighbors to the North and everyone else in uniform keeping our families safe!!!!

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