Writer Sticks to Her Guns: Take This Job and…

Stacy Washington — pro-gun, pro-Constitution columnist and talk show personality — fired for her support of Second Amendment. Read more!

Stacy Washington

Source: NRA-ILA

The liberal media’s absolute intolerance to everything firearm-related has struck again — the latest victim? Stacy Washington, conservative radio host, writer and avid Second Amendment defender who lost her column simply because she supports the U.S. Constitution and the opinions of fellow conservatives.

Ms. Washington’s “offense” was her most recent piece in The St. Louis Post Dispatch, Guns and the media. Written in defense of the NRA and denouncing the ignorant comparison of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization to the terrorist enterprise ISIS, the column hit a nerve with the Missouri paper and caused a near instant denouncement.

According to a statement from a Post-Dispatch editor, the paper cites an undisclosed conflict of interest and Ms. Washington’s “professional association with the National Rifle Association” as reasons for her suspension, which ultimately led to her decision to terminate her contract with the paper. The editor went on to say that his claims against Ms. Washington went beyond acceptable journalistic standards. Even though she refuted ever being paid, no apology was given and nothing more than a discussion of her suspension was promised.

Contrary to the Post-Dispatch’s claims, Ms. Washington’s appearances on NRATV were not only unpaid but also clearly disclosed on her personal website. Further, the paper ran an article on her involvement in an NRA documentary mere months before she began working for them on a freelance basis. The paper’s claim that her unpaid, voluntary connection to the NRA was unknown is factually improbable and an empty excuse to force out the conservative contributor who dared to contradict their liberal bias.

Interestingly enough, the column in question went through the proper editorial process and was approved for publication. In fact, according to Ms. Washington, the editor who reviewed and approved the column was not punished.

So why was she targeted? As she tweeted, Ms. Washington’s views did not match those of the paper. She was not the model contributor, and when she stood up to the clear bias in the editorial office, the paper stood by those pushing the anti-gun narrative and failed to defend her.

But terminating the column wasn’t enough, and they have now resorted to attacking Ms. Washington personally. Just one day before announcing cancellation of her column, the paper ran a letter to the editor labeling Ms. Washington as an NRA “shill” and condemning her opinion as shameful. We should note that among the inaccurate claims was the citation of a crowdsourced, slang dictionary. So much for journalistic integrity.

Here at the NRA, we have come to accept a certain level of bias and dismissal from the media. But what happened to Ms. Washington is shameful and shows the absolute disarray that represents today’s media. The fact that an independent conservative contributor to a prominent paper was cut, due to her well established and publicized support of a pro-firearm organization, further highlights the media’s zero-tolerance of the Second Amendment and our fundamental, constitutionally protected rights.


Stacy Washington, Co-Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board, is the host of the Stacy on the Right Show, broadcast daily on Urban Family Talk at 3 pm EST.

Stacy is an Emmy-nominated TV personality and Air Force Veteran. She served as a weapons system analyst and was part of the Eglin Air Force Base Honor Guard. A fourth-generation decorated military veteran, she served a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia while supporting Operation Desert Shield.

Stacy’s time spent in service to our nation strengthened her stance on issues of freedom such as the Second Amendment. It also underpins her understanding of the effects of limited government on our armed forces. Additionally, Stacy is an advocate for school choice and personhood for the unborn.

Stacy is active on Twitter, where her handle is @StacyOnTheRight

Tune into Stacy’s daily radio show by downloading the Urban Family app, listening via live stream on urbanfamilytalk.com

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  1. Typical liberal Bull $hit…
    The news paper has Stacy’s article blocked so that you can’t read what she wrote.

    Is there a copy any where else?

    1. The STL Dispatch wimped out and instead of apologizing for their overreaction, they scuttled her article behind a pay wall. This is the nature of the Subversive.

    2. Here you go, Capn Jack. Follow this link to Stacy’s website:


  2. No wonder they fired her, she is a hard working, God fearing, tax paying, intelligent American and not a lazy money sucking closed minded liberal.

  3. Again saying something positive about the constitution will bring out the looney left that you are a shill for an honorable organization, the NRA. Free speech is good as long as you tow the liberal line, cross that line & you are the arch enemy. Having seen this young lady on television she is articulate & well spoken. Most vets probably agree with her second amendment stance. Even the police will tell you they cannot be everywhere all the time. Law abiding citizen deserve to protect themselves. Regardless of what some whine bag who lives in a gated community tells you. Thank goodness we have people out willing to speak up for “our ” rights. Hope her well in the future. Rock on with your bad self.

  4. Keep pushing against these anti-american Libtard lefty fruitcakes, how can anybody that is against the constitution be a real patriot american? Answer: that not Americans! They are communist trying to bring down our wonderful country, isolate this people and put them on the spot if enough people do this they will try to go into hiding but they must be eradicated for the sake of our country, this is not the first time they have tried to take over.

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