The Bullet-Cam, a Whole New Perspective in Shooting

Just watch the video below. Turn on the sound, and gape in amazement at what technology has brought forth.

Now, how do you feel about this advancement? What questions do you have for Hornady or Vortex? How will the VIP Warranty work for an optic which is strapped to the end of a tiny missile?

Comments on their respective social media platforms field many of these mind boggling questions. Apparently, the warranty expires once the bullet leaves the barrel. The camera is suspended in a gel similar to that of the human eye. The camera is powered by positive thinking, just like Tony Robbins. Most importantly, you can live stream to Facebook, because Facebook would LOVE this…Right?

This is truly one of my favorite days every year. I’m a self proclaimed gullible goof, so this one got me right in the gut. I literally turned to one of our purchasers and exclaimed, “Why are these not on the website yet???” Needless to say, I’ve earned a new nickname around the office…

Thanks Hornady, and Vortex for playing along. I’m off to track down the Boggy Creek Monster on the back of a unicorn.

32 thoughts on “The Bullet-Cam, a Whole New Perspective in Shooting”

  1. 128000 G’s of acceleration 18000 G’s of centrifugal force and 249000 rpm and that $10 camera is as stable as a rock? Must be April Fools.

  2. Not sure how I feel about this. One one hand, it is absolutely amazing that Vortex was able to do this (must have connections to aliens). It would be a very cool toy to show to friends. It may have some surveillance applications (especially in an overseas combat scenario). This might have some scientific applications (MythBusters could probably find a good use for them). At first, I thought it would be nice for police to use (evidence that the shot was taken properly, etc), but then again, I don’t think police would want to use it for an actual shot. I am pretty certain that the accuracy & terminal ballistics of this wouldn’t even come close to even crappy normal jacketed bullets. My biggest fear is that hunters will use these as a “cool” factor when they shoot game. I imagine there will be lots of animals that will suffer needlessly because of inhumane attempted kills due to the less-than-acceptable terminal ballistics, not to mention the possibility of toxic chemicals and parts in the meat. Might be ethical to be used on groundhogs, but then again, its best to use light/fast/accurate jacketed bullets for them – not something like this. I imagine these will sell like hotcakes as cool gun toys for a year or two, then sales will drop to nothing. With all due respect to Vortex, this is quite an amazing feat they have accomplished with something like this – HATS OFF!!!

    1. APRIL FOOLS bullet is spinning about 300,000 rpm and goes from zero to 2700 feet per second by the time it leaves the barrel which is how many G forces when it is fired.

  3. Great approach to modern target shooting and hunting ..especially for today. I am sure Hornady has the terminal ballistics covered and Vortex has taken into account environmental issues and the camera is RoHS complaint…. Great work guys we need this type of “out of the box thinking” in all our industries!

  4. Quite an elaborate April fool’s joke, What gave it away to me right away was the zero spin on the bullet. I would not think the camera would have been “gyro stabilized”. Ha, ha, ….

  5. – Bullet Cam(era) seems like nothing more than a novelty.
    – It’s’ akin to a tracer round without the incendiary.
    – An impressive technical feat, with few practical benefits.

  6. This is simply amazing … AMAZING. Now, you’ll be able to immortalize the look on that varmint’s face just before … you know … I can just see the Pinterest pages awash in “OMG!” and “Holy S&%T!” expressions ….

  7. Total BS-The video didn’t show entering the chamber, then I thot of all the design problems that had to be overcome, I was convinced enough to look-good try.

  8. $99 for a box of 10 – ’bout $10 per pop. I’m lazy, and “ride and look” may take longer, but I’ll still have money fer a coke when the shootin’s dun!

    ‘Sides, if the ole lady ever found out I was smokin’ a 10 spot every time I pulled the trigger, she’d pull a trigger on me….

  9. My hats off to the Hornady and Vortex engineering teams! This technology will appear and re-appear in many applications we can’t even conceive of yet. The gel invention is a stroke of genius. I wonder if that gel keeps the camera from rotating? I’ll have to go look at the patents. Once again…Bravo!

  10. Darn good concept and idea put to work by two of my favorites in both optics and ammo working together. A teary eyed wedding… sniffle!

  11. Don’t let the P.C. Attorneys find out about these . They’ll have every cop in the U.S.A. carry these ! The cost , the litigation, the look on the perps face OMG the horror !!!!! Anyway pretty cool stuff . Smart bombs have had this a long time. I can’t think the camera would survive the G- force of the round firing ,let alone the cost of the manufacturing . Oh wait, made in China , assembled in U.S. I’d like to try em anyway. Besides it’s April 2nd ,so it’s gotta be true.

  12. I cannot believe anyone would be “fooled” by this press release. Entertained, oh yah, you betcha, but really think it exists? Color me mega-fooled if it does.
    Maybe KITT the talking car in Knight Rider is real too then?

    1. Would have been fun to see how far it would have gone….. Put a comment up yesterday with a subtle hint it was fake followed by something that may have been believable but it was pulled…. maybe too much so… Oh well it gave me a good laugh!

  13. Seems this could also be used for reconnaissance by firing over the battlefield or etc. and then viewing in slow motion.

  14. OMG !!! I can’t wait to get these in my cartridge collection. What calibers are available? I can put them right up there with my ZOMBIE ammo. Thank You HORNADY.

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