Colt Re-Enters the Rumor Mill with Layoffs

is colt laying off massive amounts of employeesFirst, the facts: Colt has had it’s share of trouble lately. Having filed for bankruptcy in 2015, the company had been working hard to rebuild a sense of goodwill with its customers. The additions of the new Colt Cobra, as well as fixing some previous errors in their 1911 line. Colt had a strong showing at SHOT 2017, but this may have just been a thin veneer.

The grey area: A post from forum poster “misanthropist” on sheds some light on what’s been happening at Colt, specifically in their customer shop.

“Sounds like a big mess down there and a whole lot of pink slips, including my favourite division, the custom shop.
It just blows me away how that company manages to keep punching golden geese in the damn head.”

The rumors of pink slips started to flow on Tuesday of this week, and have been corroborated when Colt let go Brent Turchi, Colt’s customer service and pro shop director.

“I am alive and well just no longer with Colt. I will continue to be a member of this forum and interact as I see appropriate. I will also tell the forum when and where I land. I have and will continue to enjoy this forum and its members. All thoughts are appreciated.

Reports coming through now speculate the entire Colt Canada, Colt Advanced Systems, and Custom Shop divisions have been gutted, and scrapped. The largest factor which keeps coming up, is how much was leveraged on the election. There’s further speculation of loss of contracts due to decreased consumer activity.

The most recent news may be a reshuffling of roles between Colt Australia, and Colt Canada. The production may be rolling into the Aussie facility, thereby keeping them afloat a little longer. We’ll update you as more news becomes available.

33 thoughts on “Colt Re-Enters the Rumor Mill with Layoffs”

  1. I’m a gun shop owner, I called Colt customer service only for a price quote, waiting several weeks for a reply, after several calls, the woman told me in a very nasty reply that, ” Colt had customers waiting for nine months, and that I should just wait my turn”.
    It’s been two years, still no reply. Let Colt go under, they care nothing about their customers, they sucked on the government contracts so long they have no idea how to treat private customers.

    1. It’s been a long time since Colts made a quality handgun.
      They have lost the understanding of the term customer service

    2. I have a Colt Defender that I have had for some thirteen years now, and I have fired more than 40,000 rounds through it. I was having a little trouble with it and I sent it to them. I think that the trouble I was having was in fact my fault but that is beside the point. I sent the gun to them and they replaced all the springs in the gun and returned it to me at no charge, and I had the gun back in about two weeks. Therefore I have no complaints about Colt at all. I do think that they have relied to much on the Government for their business and neglected their customers to much. They have been making only model 1911 pistols and no polymer pistols at all to my knowledge, and apparently they sell their guns only through Colt stocking companies which leaves out a lot of gun dealers. They should realize that no one can depend on our Government for anything and when you are doing business with them, you do not neglect your civilian market because that is your core business, not the Government. With Colt, I think that they may have lost some of their M-4 business and since they haven’t been developing their civilian pistol market and coming out with new products, they have fallen behind the times. Now, there is no one that likes the 1911 more than I do, but the fact is that everyone is making them and they are doing a good job of it, and a very large part of the pistol market,as well as the military market, is going to the polymer guns like the Glock, the Sig, and many others. It seems to me that they have some R&D to do. Colt has a lot of catching up to do in this area. I hope they can get the job done because I would hate to see them go down the tubes.

    3. You are so right about customer service. But you are dealing with people here in Connecticut. COLT is right next to me and I have gone right to the plant and got treated like crap! I have found that the Best customer service has come from the Southern folks.

  2. i think the big shots need to take a pay cut cut the prices of their inventory and treat customers the same as they would like to be treated

  3. Is Colt now Canadian or Aussie Owned?
    If they claim to be an American company, what is compelling them to manufacture their weapons in a foreign country. Don’t they realize that there will surely be a markup, whether it is as a tarriff or some other form of U.S. tax penalty for importation of their products INTO America? This will surely hurt their bottom line. Not a good business plan for a corporation which is allegedly hurting financially. I say allegedly, because weapons and ammunition manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand.

  4. They reintroduced the Colt Cobra .38 revolver at Shot Show 2017.. NOT the Colt Python.. I will buy one hen they come available in my area.. Colt can count on that one!!!

  5. After Colt crapped on consumers years ago by dropping most consumer production to focus primarily on military contracts. I say to the dumper with them. They have earned their demise.

  6. I’m an owner of a small firearms dealership. I have had numerous requests for Colt products , but I’m unable to buy them because I won’t stock $25,000 of their guns. So instead of loosing a sale, I just steer my customer toward Glock , Smith or any other product that dosent have a minimum buy in. Good luck Colt!!

  7. Here’s the problem that Colt has ALWAYS had, in my opinion, they price their products too high and want to be exclusive. When you already have a bad financial track record, you DO NOT get choosy about who gets to sell your products! The industry is loaded with choices of fine well made firearms that are much easier on the consumer wallet. WAKE UP COLT…!! You aint that great! As a firearms dealer myself, I don’t promote Colt over anyone else. But then, I don’t meet the requirements to sell their firearms anyway so I say, let them sink once and for all. Serves them right! I mean who wants to pay $2500.00 for a M16A1…? Hell anyone can build one for less than half that…!

  8. My fellow co-worker and I placed an order for the LE6940 back on June 3, 2016. Still have not recieved them. When we asked about a timeline we were told that Colt does not provide potential shipping dates. So after 8 months, with no end in sight, we are looking at the Ruger SR556 takedown. Colt has very poor customer service and at this point it is just not worth the wait.

  9. To buy their their product from distributors you have to buy a pricey stocking dealer package. This is suicide. Goodbye Colt. Once great but you threw your selves away.

  10. Colt abandoned the individual gun owner years ago for political gain. I haven’t forgotten. I’ll never buy from them.

    1. Agreed… I just don’t get it.. or them. Sam Colt himself was really not much of a business man but was able to seize on opportunities . Colt thinks they can rely on the name to push them along but they are sadly mistaken. Sure i’d love to have a python but I’ll be damned if I fork out 2-3k for one…

  11. AUSTRALIA???!!!!
    Why on EARTH would Colt put a facility in a country that hates guns?!!!!


  12. I waited 9 months to buy the new Colt Competition in 9mm. Got it and no one in my bullseye group could get it in the black. Sent it back they replaced the barrel after waiting months and it still can’t shoot. “Competition ready right out of the box” BS.

  13. Bought a Gold Cup Trophy in stainless a few years ago. Trigger felt like gravel, contacted Colt and was told to send in (thinking it was in warranty). Did so, only to find out it “was in specs”. So I spent the $100 or so for them to tune it. Upon return, somehow they scratched the slide. Was told to send it back and they will look at it. No thanks, repaired it my self with quite a bit of elbow grease. Phone contacts were great people, repair shop another story. Sounds like I was a lucky one as the turn around was less than a month. Trigger a bit better, but not what you’d expect on a high end gun Probably the last Colt I buy.

  14. I don’t know about you sour pusses but I had my Colt 1911 rebuilt and re-blued. Colt custom shop did an outstanding job so much to the fact I lam getting ready to send in my Colt combat elite. If you can read their site tells you that it will be a bit of a wait on getting the firearm back. I sure hope that Colt doesn’t go under as they put out a damned good product so good in fact that everyone under the sun tries to copy their products. Frankly I’ll go with the original not the copycats. So those who like to whine go to the store and buy some cheese to go with that whine.

    1. Too bad they just cut back in the custom shop. Let us know how long it takes them on your second attempt at Colt roulette.

  15. Lets hope the continue to operate we don’t need to lose the oldest gun manufacturers

  16. I stopped buying Colt products years ago, for the same reasons.
    I’ve experienced it with another company as we, in customer ‘service’. I oftentimes wonder if anti-American firearms administrators have infiltrated these companies. Customer service used to be very reliable.

  17. Never bought one, looked at their 1911’s a few times, nothing seemed too extraordinary to make me buy the Colt over another brand that was more to my liking i.e.:S&W, SPRINGFIELD, KIMBER, ROCK ISLAND, or a CZ75 variant. And I was never interested in a Colt AR.

  18. How can a company that owned the most popular pistol, revolver, and semi auto rifle get in this mess?

    Poor management?

    Samuel Colt would roll over in his grave.

  19. I know a lot is going on and politics and consumer knee jerk reactions have driven the price of some of our favorite American Made firearms beyond the means of most of us mere unimportant civilians ! But sheer logic seems to me should shed some light on how to increase sales outside the military contracts , to civilians that have been loyal, faithful and a vast majority of how the company has survived threw all the years! IM SORRY but there is absolutely no other way to say it , but huge profit margins , stock holder expectations and pure corporate greed has created all of this! Get back to your consumer base, decrease you overall profit margin and get the price of these fine firearms back down to where we the people can afford a new one every month , as was the case in days of olde , and you will flourish once again!! IMHO

  20. I got Colt Python, Colt Diamondback, 1911 Gold Cup series 70 & 1911 Combat Elite all beautiful guns & pin on !
    But their guns seem to be little pricey so where the money ? Company going under not taking care of employees & then move out of country !! I think they could do real good if they made whole line of revolvers like S&W ! And really brought the snake guns back !

  21. I got Colt Python, Colt Diamondback, 1911 Gold Cup series 70 & 1911 Combat Elite all beautiful guns & pin on !
    But their guns seem to be little pricey so where the money ? Company going under not taking care of employees & then move out of country !! I think they could do real good if they made whole line of revolvers like S&W ! And really brought the snake guns back !

  22. RUGER! An American company that makes fine product at a low price. My Ruger P345 .45 cal pistol is accurate, shoots whatever you run through it and cost less than any .45 cal pistol out there. Yes it is polymer and isn’t finished as well on the insides of the parts you can’t see but it is dead nuts reliable.

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