U.S. Law Shield News Update: Gun-Deregulation Ideas Offered by BATFE

The news of the leaked white paper for the proposal to deregulate some rules from the ATF has been making it’s way around the web this week.

In an 11-page white paper labeled “not for public distribution,” but which has been obtained by Texas & U.S. Law Shield, Ronald B. Turk, associate deputy director and chief operating officer of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, outlines several steps the agency could take to remove many restrictions on gun regulations, including suppressors and stabilizing braces, in the United States. Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington walks U.S. Law Shield News Host Sam Malone through the proposals.

What are your thoughts on the deregulation of these accessories?

6 thoughts on “U.S. Law Shield News Update: Gun-Deregulation Ideas Offered by BATFE”

  1. Great to hear some still believe in the “the voice of the people ” and stand behind and fight for the 2nd amendment !!! They need to De regulate the ridiculous 922 r law !!!!!

  2. The main thrust of the DoJ must be EQUAL APPLICATION of the 2nd Amendment nationwide, meaning that STATES with active Gun Gestapo Politburos for legislatures must NOT be allowed to infringe on the RIGHT guaranteed by the FEDERAL Constitution…
    The DoJ should file civil rights lawsuits against any states with stricter than Federal rules on firearms.
    The entire country must abide ABORTIONS that are NOT in the Constitution , but somehow states can co opt RIGHTS specifically WRITTEN in it.

  3. I would like to suggest to the ATF that they eliminate the requirement for an ATF Form 5320 to transport a properly registered SBR in the United States. It’s simply not necessary and creates an administrative burden for the ATF. Bottomline, it serves no purpose. So this would certainly be a step in the right direction without weakening the regs.

  4. Why doesn’t the ATF start their deregulation process by agreeing to drop their appeal of the case in Federal court that has already pronounced three of their regulations unconstitutional. I refer, of course, to MANCE V. LYNCH in the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which was decided two years ago in favor of the plaintiffs, striking down as unconstitutional several ATF regulations which prohibit Interstate commerce of handguns, but has languished in the limbo of the Appeals Court because of a Dept. of Justice appeal.

  5. What is the national health and productivity cost caused by the lose of hearing, do to enjoying a sport or serving in combat?? How many have served in combat to come home with hearing lose ?? IF they could have obtained their own suppressor and taken it into combat would have come home different??? How many would have lived because the enemy would NOT have been able to ID their location?? I am in my 60s and completely deaf in my left ear because of one shot I made using a friend’s 7mm Mag one deer season. Being right handed, my right ear is against the rifle’s stock offering some protection to that ear but the left is always exposed. One shot! The ear bled for a few days and that was it; gone for the rest of my life. Check with friends; right handers loose the left hearing, left handers loose their right side hearing. This is FAR TOO LATE in coming for so many. May it happen now for so many more who will benefit !!

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