New Jersey High School Student Suspended for “Anti-Gun-Control” Project

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A high-school student in Manville, New Jersey was suspended and ordered to undergo psychological evaluation resulting from his assigned classroom presentation on an “anti-gun-control” topic.


Originally reported by News 12 (New Jersey)

Frank Harvey, a Manville High School (NJ) senior says that he was suspended from school and ordered to go for a psychological evaluation after an anti-gun control project he was assigned last year was found on his thumb drive.

He had left the drive in the school computer lab room, and evidently someone found it, saw the presentation, and alerted school officials. That was on a Monday. On Tuesday, Harvey was suspended by the Manville School District for the content on the thumb drive and said that he had to undergo a five-hour psychological exam before he could come back to school. Manville police were called in and questioned Harvey, but cleared him of any wrongdoing.

“I’ve never been a violent person,” said Harvey. “I’ve never had detention in my life.” Harvey’s mother, Mary Vervan, said she will not subject her son to such an evaluation for no reason, and decided to pull him out of school. He turned his books in on Wednesday and signed a school withdrawal form, and Harvey says he will now work towards earning his GED.

Harvey had been assigned the project during his junior year for a College and Career Readiness class. The assignment was to come up with a topic that, according to Harvey, would “provoke class discussion.” He chose an anti-gun control viewpoint, communicated through a video presentation he produced. The presentation was impressive enough to earn him an “A” on the project, he said.

His teacher, Rachel Gottfried, has since denied giving her College and Career Readiness class the assignment and approving his topic, Harvey said.

“It was assigned by the teacher, and I got the topic, which was anti-gun control, approved by the teacher. She said my project would be perfectly fine,” said Harvey, “I presented the video to the class and took a few questions from my classmates. My presentation went over well. The whole idea of the assignment was to expose students to an idea they hadn’t considered before.”

“What the response of the school tells me is that I’m allowed to do my school work as long as it agrees with their point of view on an issue,” said Harvey.

His presentation gave examples where people using guns have thwarted home invaders and argued that people should be able to protect themselves. The presentation also shows political cartoons suggesting that gun-free zones are ineffective.

School officials were contacted for comment, and Superintendent Anne Facendo said only, “The school district is not at liberty to make comment on any issue pertaining to confidential student information.”

There’s more information out there to be found on this story as it continues to unfold, and be debated. What do you think?

See Frank Harvey’s video HERE. (YouTube)

7 thoughts on “New Jersey High School Student Suspended for “Anti-Gun-Control” Project”

  1. The 2nd Amendment was placed in the #2 spot behind the right to speak freely for a good reason, it was required to enforce your rights as listed in the bill of rights. This school is teaching students to be “politically, over being right.” It is the basest and lowest form of pattern modeling I have experienced, and for the sake of their own well being and piece of mind the school district should reconsider. If we develop little robots who won’t think for themselves, they will not be able to survive in a tough world. Maybe that is the plan.

  2. The Public School System since the 60s, for the most part, run from Washington DC has always been a bastion of the socialist/liberal indoctrination machine. That is why we are loosing a majority of our young people to it’s ideology. Unless we change this the country is lost as it was founded a land of the free.

    I spent five years in college and twenty five years working for a college and a primary secondary system. These systems were in what has been called the most conservative God fearing State in the US. These institutions survive off of the money taken from Federal sources as well as State. It is a major blow to loose either so they tow the line whether they agree with it or not. If the Government goes south as this one has there is even more pressure to indoctrinate rather than educate. Parent’s and communities values are not even considered in most cases because funding would be lost . Doing away with Federal involvement would help if the appropriate funds were to be provided to the school systems to compensate for that loss. But it would be many many years it would return to what it should be.

    The real answer is to give the education process back to the Parents and their communities. With privatized competing schools whose livelihood depended on their performance. There would have to be limits placed on how much they could charge per student and standards that reflected what a well educated child is but the most students would gravitate toward the best education systems.

  3. Did’nt we fight a war with England to gain the right of free speech? It sounds like his teacher who assigned the topic is caving in on him. She must be super scared of her job!

  4. He has been deprived of his civil rights and slandered by the school district suspending him and forcing him to undergo psychological evaluation without any real merit. Sue the school, the district and any individuals who jumped to such rediculous conclusions!

  5. I’m from New Jersey and this does not shock me at all. This is the climate here, want a Firearm I.D. card? Good luck, and if you do get one you’ll have waited a L-O-N-G time to get it. P.C. correctness has met liberal land and its just insane. This is EXACTLY why I’m moving far away from New Jersey when I retire.

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