Forming .25-45 Sharps Cases

From Ultimate Reloader:

Gavin, much like the rest of us, doesn’t like to spend a lot on brass, especially if we’re not looking for dime-sized five shot groups at 300 yards, so the Ultimate Reloaders takes us through a step-by-step guide on how to form .25-45 Sharps cases from .223/5.56 Brass.

Click Here to visit Ultimate Reloader to follow along each of the steps in the process!

One thought on “Forming .25-45 Sharps Cases”

  1. Thanks for this story! I have a .25-45 Sharps and love it!
    It’s an amazingly efficient round, getting about 30% more energy than a .223, and from the same size case. I got a deer with mine last year and am hoping for at least one more deer this year and maybe a bear.

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