Wheel of Misfortune II

By 22plinkster

Always on the lookout for new, and more difficult trick shots, 22plinkster once again pulls off a great shot with what seems like little effort. Our wheels are spinning after seeing Plinkster split his latest playing card. Check out the video below:

He’s always taking suggestions, folks. Any ideas for 22plinkster on how to split his next playing card, or any trick shots you’d like to see?

2 thoughts on “Wheel of Misfortune II”

  1. From a sliding deck of cards, pick two or three cards in advance and just hit them as they slide off an incline. (I assume you don’t want anyone to hold a deck, and some established incline might make the cards slide off one after another, and visibly watch the deck (ace to king) to pick the card you want from, say, 5′ high to ground. Fluttering of cards is expected.
    Plinkster, you are impressive to me, so I wanted the extra problem of having to think to choose specific cards, like 3 of spades, Jack of hearts, 2 of clubs. [Inspiration: I lose points trying to remember 2 shots to right, 2 to middle, 1 to left, 2 shots center each, left to right (reload every six, total of 11))

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