22plinkster Takes On the New Ruger Mark IV

Check out the latest video from our friend, 22plinkster takes a closer look at the Ruger Mark IV 22LR Pistol. With several new innovations, as well as an easier take-down method, the Ruger Mark IV lives up to the recent hype.

Watch, as Plinkster puts it through it’s paces with some distance shots, as well as his usual entertaining approach to shooting.

What are your experiences with Ruger firearms?

8 thoughts on “22plinkster Takes On the New Ruger Mark IV”

  1. Very Nice! lots of improvements. I gave up my Mark 2 because it was a pain in the butt to clean and re-assemble. I think NOW I will reconsider this new model.

  2. I am really impressed with the Mark IV. I have a Mark III Target, which I really like except for disassembly and cleaning, as the video says. A Mark IV is on my acquisition list, at least if it get approved for sale in the People’s Republic of California (PRC).

    1. I’d like to get one too (I’m also in the PRK), but don’t hold your breath. Harris isn’t adding any new firearms to her list, especially not auto loaders. Gen 4 Glocks still haven’t been added, and how long have they been out?

      I’m looking instead for a used MK II. I have two MK 1’s and once you learn the tricks of how they reassemble they’re easy to put together. Mark II 5.5″ bull barrels were about the best of this line, at least until now.

  3. Ruger FINALLY fixed all the things that made this pistol a pain in the rear for the poor unfortunates who unwittingly bought this chinese puzzle. Sure, it shot great, had very good accuracy and pointability, and it looked good and felt good in the hand, but that takedown nightmare was a travesty in firearms design – and everyone I ever met that owned one said so. Why did it take decades to fix this? Someone in the upper management was protecting this design, and apparently they have retired and now a sensible engineer who was fed up with the impossible decided enough was enough. They built it, and it is a revolutionary improvement of design and function. Ruger should have fixed this long ago, and I am sure that thousands of the earlier models were traded or sold on the used market because the owners got tired of not being able to clean them. I should know, I made a pretty good amount of money cleaning them for guys who couldn’t field strip their own pistol.

    1. Chinese puzzle? Interesting; my first pistol at age 18, (42 years ago), was a used Ruger MK 1 RST 4 22 LR. I read the manual, and had it apart and back together in 10 minutes. I don’t know what the mystery is for some folks. Like I said, the owners manual explains it, and there was no internet or YouTube in those days. 5 years later I picked up the 6 7/8″ Target model. Still have both pistols. IMO there was nothing to fix, but I always welcome a simpler design. I didn’t like the loaded chamber indicator of the Mark III, even though it shot OK, but like the looks of the new one.

      I’m in CA though, so won’t be getting one anytime soon; still looking for a clean MK II bull barrel, which are great pistols. I hope that someone who can’t figure out the simple takedown and reassembly will sell theirs to me.

  4. PLEASE don’t shoot bowling pins with a 22. Take my word for it they will come back at a high rate of speed.

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