LEE Auto Bench Priming Tool: Overview, Setup, Priming with Ultimate Reloader

There are quite a few priming tools on the market, coming in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Our friend, Gavin, over at Ultimate Reloader took a closer look at the Lee Auto Bench Priming Tool, from the setup, to the functionality, and gives his overview of this new take on a bench standard.

“Could this be the alternative to hand priming that I’ve been looking for when I don’t choose to prime on-press?”  You can read Gavin’s full write up on the Ultimate Reloader blog HERE.

Also, check out his video on the Lee Auto Bench Priming Tool below!

3 thoughts on “LEE Auto Bench Priming Tool: Overview, Setup, Priming with Ultimate Reloader”

  1. I bought one and it works good. Plenty of leverage to prime with minimum effort. A lifetime of handgun shooting has left my hands a bit arthritic.

    One criticism. The instructions say that it has a “primer agitator;” a spring loaded part. Mine came without the part. I didn’t put the tool into operation, figuring that I’d have to return it or request a new part. Finally, Lee told me that they’d eliminated that part as unnecessary. My tool was shipped complete.

    I think that Lee ought to change their directions and photos or at least include a note that the part is no longer necessary or shipped. The buyer shouldn’t have to figure it out and go to Lee.

  2. I bought one and the large primer part would flip primers out the top and feed them upside down and then it broke completely. In almost 40 years of reloading I May have had less than 6 damaged primers but ha ave installed upside down and sideways and even had a couple shoot right out the hole where they feed up before going onto the ram. Ruined at least 20 and it would constantly jam up. Since I received the New large primer parts it has worked flawlessly. I really like and would recommend it. I also wondered about the lack of the agitated part, seems totally useless!

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