What Difference Do Emojis Make?

apple-emojiApple has announced that the next update to its emoji catalog would style the “gun” icon as a toy, rather than a pistol, reports the Washington Post. The emoji is really a revolver not a pistol.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has been pushing for the emoji switch by waging a high-profile PR campaign called #DisarmTheiPhone, in an attempt to bring awareness to the toll of criminal violence involving firearms by urging Apple to remove all gun related emojis.

The organization succeeded in its social-media symbolic effort. Apple has succumbed to the social pressure of villainizing an object rather than focusing on the fact that people are responsible for their actions.

The narrative is that guns are bad, no matter the depiction or context. What we hear so little about is how more effort could be focused to make real progress in the fight against keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

So, even though it’s the easy thing to do, it’s sad to see companies like Apple get caught up in silly social media ploys.

Do you think such “disarming” ploys make any difference in the real world?

19 thoughts on “What Difference Do Emojis Make?”

  1. I am sure that New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is a typical group of idiots that live in fantasyland rather than in the real world. I feel sure the the following people are members or supporters of this asinine group – OBAMA, HILLARY, BILLY, SCHUMER, BLOOMBERG, SOROS, PELOSI, FEINSTEIN, BOXER, HEALEY, ETC. Hillary and Billy are corrupt liars and rotten to the core.

  2. They should worry more about little red riding hood and leave the real world alone. Yea though I walk through the ghettos in the shadow I will fear no evil, for My glock be with me

  3. It is astonishing to me that some folks, “intelligent” folks mind you, can’t seem to understand that a firearm is a “thing”. This “thing has neither independent agency nor volition. Human beings have agency and volition. I suppose it’s much easier for folks to demonize “things” rather than hold human beings responsible for their actions because “things” don’t have: 1.) gender; 2.) race; 3.) Constitutional rights; 4.) socio-economic status/class; or 4.) motives. It all adds up to what I consider to be an unfortunate case of intellectual cowardice. Enough said.

  4. I thank that this country should be giving the younger a class on guns and show then what can happen they have sax class why not a class teaching gun and shooting. I think apple is scar of the DP and is giving in to them! There is more gun permanents given out every year that B H O has been in office and there are still setting record sale every year so that is why we need gun class,s at all schools from the last 4 years of there schooling The NRA would most likely help the schools to set up there classes Also jest starter class for the lower classes GOD BLESS THE USA

  5. It is not and never has been about guns. Its about controlling the masses. First guns, then blades, then money and food.

  6. Of course it makes a difference. Gun ownership is serious responsibility. There is nothing “cartoonish” about it. To promote that perception is a dangerous and a reckless abdication of social, cultural and corporate responsibility.

  7. I agree. Just more B.S.
    I for one don’t use them anyway. I have to much other stuff to worry about. Stuff like where my next meal or hours e payment will com e from.

  8. I have detested APPLE since the beginning. Sadly, multitudes of idjits seem completely won over with highest technology, rather than scruples and logic. APPLE has concluded that it can run rampant over all Americans. Anyone following the APPLE gravy train deserves all the worst they receive. Boycott APPLE.

  9. Bunch of effing half Brain morons that believed in “Obamacare” & other stupid asinine BS!!

  10. I use Windows computers and Android phones. I could care less about Apple. Just one more reason to ignore them.

  11. Does anyone think there will be a fair representation of thinking on this website? Most replying to story are NRA Heavy Breathers. For Cryung out loud, people, it’s a story about Emojis, not World Peace. Chill… There are enough Real guns out there as it is. And before anyone starts jumping on me, let me just say that I probably own more guns than 95% of you could ever dream of owning. I enjoy owning them, but think there are way too many mentally disturbed people out there who do. That’s obvious by looking at a lot if the comments made in this site.

  12. These are the same people that took away candy cigarettes & chewing gum cigars because they “may” lead the youth of America to smoke. People who couldn’t save themselves are somehow going to save the rest of us. Come on sheeple get your head out of the grass. If you can’t think for your self don’t attempt think for me. An image is not going to to make me go out & do something stupid any more than candy cigarettes lead me to smoke. Emotions do not lead to coherent thought.

  13. The big picture…liberalism has pervaded every aspect of our lives. The issue is not 2nd Amendment or PC. It is liberalism is favored by the majority in our US civilization. They are smart enough to use the 1st amendment to their favor; as Apple has done with the gun emoji. Solution: we need to tweak our conservative platform to appeal to the masses or suffer the consequences….. lose America as we knew it to be.

  14. The time has come! The only line a company like Apple or Google understands is the bottom line. I do nothing through google if I can help it and my next phone will not be an apple. These companies have lost their hippie perspective and sipped the cool aid of the left. It is kinda sad really but it must be addressed.

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