CCI Adds Quartet of New ‘Big 4’ Loads

CCI Ammunition, the only American manufacturer of handgun shotshells, has introduced four all-new handgun shotshells, featuring larger shot. They are available in four popular handgun calibers, as listed below:

Description / MSRP
Big 4 9mm Luger / $17.95
Big 4 .38 Special – .357 Magnum / $14.95
Big 4 .44 Special – .44 Magnum / $19.95
Big 4 .45 Colt / $19.95

Shipments of this new product are being delivered to dealers.

Centerfire handgun shotshells have long proven themselves as highly practical options for close-range pests, and the new CCI Big 4 loads get their names from a payload of No. 4 lead shot, which provides extended range and better energy and patterns to take down larger pests at longer distances.

The No. 4 lead handgun shotshells are packed in reusable boxes of 10 shotshells.
The No. 4 lead handgun shotshells are packed in reusable boxes of 10 shotshells.



4 thoughts on “CCI Adds Quartet of New ‘Big 4’ Loads”

    1. Low volume production, probably on a dedicated processing line. I agree the price is ridiculous compared to even the finest defensive loads, but it’s worth it IMO ’cause I have property to maintain that is good rattler habitat. They can be hell to hit with a standard handgun projo and I appreciate the punch this #4 shot will have compared to the #8 or #9 that has been available in the past. I will by one pack, shoot one, maybe 2 rounds into paper to dope out the patterning and then load my carry piece with the first 2 bangs as shotshells…good to go! If I find myself needing to buy a lot of this stuff…well, my problem ain’t pricey ammo!

  1. Why didn’t CCI crimp the metal ends like the .40 caliber so they will work in semi auto? If you put 3 of these in a revolver to shoot snakes the third one will have vibrated out to where the cylinder will not turn and you dangerously have to push it back in before you can get another shot off. Just the reason I just ordered a new .40 caliber H & K in double single action with decocker. Have used their shotshells over 35 years,glad at least they finally put bigger shot in them.

  2. I have Long handloaded my own “shot” shells in both 38/357 and 44 Spl. Use 357 Mag or 44 Mag brass, small amount of Bullseye, over powder card of thin cardboard, cork, or gas check, fill with shot, and seal with a gas check. I have found that a barrel over 3″ long is very problematic as you get a “donut” shaped pattern.

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