Winchester Celebrates 150 Years in 2016 with Commemorative Packaging

In 1866, America was still rebuilding from the recently concluded Civil War, and citizens were pushing West in an effort to find their fortunes and settle the frontier. At the same time, Oliver Winchester established the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The Winchester brand went on to help Americans settle the West, win two World Wars, help law enforcement keep our communities safe and, to this day, continues to revolutionize the way hunters and shooters succeed in the field and on the range.

Like few other brands, Winchester has helped shape America and in 2016, the iconic brand celebrates this important milestone by introducing one of its most collectible editions of ammunition in history, featuring classic Winchester artwork and embossed packaging, making these offerings truly unique.

Collectible ammunition offerings will be available throughout the year and include:

.270 Winchester 150‐grain

.30‐30 Winchester 150‐grain

.44‐40 Winchester 200‐grain

12‐gauge 3‐inch 11⁄4 ounces of No. 2 steel for waterfowlers

Additional Winchester Ammunition products will carry special 150th anniversary markings. Look for your favorite loads in popular offerings throughout the year. To honor the milestone, Winchester Repeating Arms Company will be releasing a commemorative Winchester 1866 Yellow Boy lever‐action rifle chambered in .44‐40. The original Yellow Boy was the first ever firearm to bear the Winchester name.

“Winchester has been a part of America for more than half of the country’s history and has played a vital role not only in the way we hunt and shoot, but also in the settling of this great nation,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy. “We are proud of Winchester’s storied history and look forward to making these collectible products available to those shooting enthusiasts who wish to share in the company’s continuing legacy.”

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