Massachusetts AG Effectively, Unilaterally Bans AR-15s and State-Compliant Variants

Maura Healey, attorney general of Massachusetts,
Maura Healey, attorney general of Massachusetts,

Maura Healey, the attorney general of Massachusetts, recently rewrote the state’s 1998 Gun Control Act to reinterpret what it had meant since 1998.

Writing in the Boston Globe, Healey outlined the changes:

— The Massachusetts assault weapons ban mirrors the federal ban Congress allowed to expire in 2004. It prohibits the sale of specific weapons like the Colt AR-15 and AK-47 and explicitly bans “copies or duplicates” of those products.

— “Copies or duplicates” mean “state compliant” versions of Modern Sporting Rifles sold in Massachusetts. Such “state compliant” versions lack a flash suppressor, a folding or telescoping stock, or other helpful shooter features. The AG will notify all gun manufacturers and dealers to make clear that the sale of semi-auto rifles with certain features is now illegal in Massachusetts.

— The effect could mean that all AR-15s that have been modified to comply with Massachusetts law are now illegal purely because they are AR-15s. This could eventually outlaw all semi-automatic weapons in the state, which should violate D.C. v Heller’s explicit “common use” standard.

— Healey said in her Globe article that “if a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon, or if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a ‘copy’ or ‘duplicate,’ and it is illegal.”

Bottom Line: Some of our customers in Middle America will notice this state-law change and not be too concerned about it, because it is Massachusetts, and things like this are to be expected there.

Quite a few of our customers and fellow countrymen in the Bay State are now in limbo because basic AR-15 parts may turn a vanilla semi-auto rifle into “copies or duplicates” of those products.

Will this turn into another nudge in the direction of our fellow Americans losing their rights? There seems to have been a precedent set with California cities banning firearms, the strict laws placed in Chicago (which seems to be working, he lied), and other “leaders” treating their constituents more like an authoritarian society.

Hopefully the people of Massachusetts sound off in a clear, unified, voice at the ballot box this November.

67 thoughts on “Massachusetts AG Effectively, Unilaterally Bans AR-15s and State-Compliant Variants”

  1. Seems to me that Maura Healey is just shouting out to Hillary what a great cabinet member she would be by getting her personal backward views spotlighted. The real people of Massachusetts should be able to have this overturned easily enough so I am thinking it,s just an attempt to get herself invited to dinner with the Pelosi/Clinton crowd.

      1. I wonder how many criminals and terrorists will rush down to the local police precincts and turn in THEIR weapons?

    1. As a NYer, I have seen multiple suits against the Safe Act. Every Judge has ruled in favor of the Act. Good Luck in turning this over.
      By interpretation, any semi automatic will be view as illegal. There is no such thing as a liberal who doesn’t want to take away your guns.

  2. Attorney general is not a member of the legislative branch of government. Therefore she is not responsible and has no authority for passing or changing laws. Therefore her rewriting does not mean anything.

    Come on people, learn about your government before the government does something that is serious against your rights.

    The Bill of Rights is not a list of rights the government grants to the citizens, it is a list of rights the government is PROHIBITED from infringing upon!

    1. The Bill of Rights is a moot point when there are no consequences for those who routinely trample them.

      1. There is, but there seems to be a shortage of courage to stand up to these infringements. At what point does it get good men off their couches and involved?

      2. We need a 4th brance of govt completely setached and free of all the others. It would serve as the arm of force. It would grab crooked senator and hold them for trial regardless of the political games. It would by force enforce the bill of rights by deploying National Guard to protect as needed and arrest power hungry politicians who tread on peoples rights. It could impeach presidents who twist their authority to subvert the constitution. They only answer to the Constitution. It would be nice. You can dream. Politicians would never surrender their power.

      3. Sorta like the Nazi Brown Shirts, eh Tony. Just throw out the “offenders” Constitutional rights. No trial. No innocent until proven guilty. No due process of law. Just you deciding who needs to be arrested and locked up.

        Now these deployed National Guardsmen: Would they only protect the people from politicians? And at what level? And, while we’re at it, might as well repeal the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments. That way they could quarter the NG troops in people’s homes, saving the government a lot of money.

      4. I said they need to be arrested and held for trial. Currently the good Senators get to censure themselves and carry on with their tax evasion and influence peddling but since everybody does it nobody wants to see the other guy go to prison.
        There is a far cry from Brown shirts to a branch of government enforcement that cannot be stifled like the FBI was last week. Although he had ample evidence of criminal behavior for you or I to go to trial She is special and the FBI chief and his workers will be picking up trash in the parking lot next year if that witch gets in office. We need a branch that is completely free of congressional funding, Supreme court meddling, and Presidential edicts. They simply go off of the Constitution as written and the intent that it was written in by examining the writings of those who passed it., no living breathing bullshit. If the founders intended it to breath it was supposed to be through the constitutional process of getting states to ratify changes, not an unelecteded star chamber.

    2. You hit the nail on the head! It’s time to vote them all out. Even if you think they were doing a good job. We have to send a message to all of the legislature. We are done with there crap. They work for us. Not the other way.

    3. This is 100% true. The problem is Constitution, Law, and government is not taught in schools ( at least Public Schools ) anymore, as part of the Socialistic Indoctrination of our youths.
      In essence, the average citizen is being kept as “ignorant” as in UNEDUCATED to make them think that Uncle Sam can do anything they want to be able to PROVIDE everything all citizens need.

      1. Let’s not forget that the job of the executive branch is to implement the laws the legislative branch passes. That implementation frequently involves interpreting the laws. In this case, that’s what has happened, in that the Attorney General has reinterpreted the law. Now, the question becomes has the Attorney General overstepped her bounds. That question can only be answered by the judicial branch. Checks and balances.

    4. Bingo Mike,
      Great post. This woman is just attempting an “obama” and thinks she is a DICTATOR. The Good people of Mass. need to prove her wrong and boot her worthless butt to the curb.

  3. “or if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a ‘copy’ or ‘duplicate,’ and it is illegal.” It looks like that wording would even ban the Ruger Precision, even though it is a bolt gun…

    1. It worries me that would they start calling the ammo a component. Could they then start to ban all guns of a caliber.

    2. Now your getting it it’s not for criminal processes it’s to control you and what you have the ability to stand against there your and my rights quit giving them away we will never get them back until war breaks out

  4. It’s unfortunate that some of our “leaders” are striving for an impossible Utopian society. Here in very liberal California we certainly have our challenges, the recent success of the state legislature ramrodding a series of anti-gun bill should serve as a warning to all of freedom loving Americans. These successful legislation most certainly give hope to gun abolitionist in every state across the country. Please keep your guard up.

  5. We want the police to show up with AR15’s but by the time they get to our homes–we are dead. Another liberal who doesn’t know dick about firearms. People in these crazy states need to step up or they will be defenseless against the bad guys (and they are coming).

  6. What a crock these comments are. Nobody needs an assault rifle to protect themselves.

    1. Like HELL we don’t. It;s our our right, not the opinion of some graduate of a LIBERAL thinking school.

    2. Education is important, because knowledge of what words mean, matters. The AR15 is NOT an assault rifle, Roger. It is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle. And, for your information, these types of rifles are used all the time in self-defense situations. I for one, have used one in such a situation, although since the sight of an armed and ready citizen scared off the would-be miscreants without firing a shot, maybe that doesn’t count?

    3. It’s the USE of a rifle that determines what kind of rifle it is. I own an AR-15 and it is a HUNTING rifle. If someone attacks me, my family or my home, it will be a DEFENSIVE rifle. It is NOT an assault rifle. I also have a shotgun, several bolt action hunting rifles, and I pack a Sig P220 .45 (semi) automatic pistol. I’m ex-military and an ex-cop so I know how and when to use them.

      I’m prepared but it sounds like you aren’t. If someone attacks you or your family, what will you use? Cream puffs?

    4. First it’s NOT a assault rifle. And then why do the police need them? T AKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND. ONE OF THESE DAYS YOU MAY WISH YOU DID HAVE A REAL ASSAULT RIFLE. One that can fire full automatic. I hope it’s not this year.

    5. What in the hell is an “assault rifle”, Whiteaker? Coming from the US Military Academy, there is no such creature! It is a Unicorn – a made up bit of nonsense from those that have no clue. I assume you never served a day in the military, protecting the constitution!

    6. AR doesn’t stand for “Assault Rifle” you putz. It stands for “Armalite Rifle” The original manufacture patent which was sold to Colt.

      It’s no different then any semi-auto rifle, which there are many used for hunting and self protection.

      1. lighten up randy… rick never “typed” that “ar” stood for “assault rifle”… he just repeated what the “liberals” label it, and the AK, and the “mini-14/30″….etc

    7. Greetings Roger Whiteaker, it is apparent Rodger missed something in grade school !! and it is the word nobody & the word Assault rifle!!
      Does the word nobody include a man or woman that has a BODY like the BODY Rodger has?
      { nobody includes every man & woman in the Executive branch of the Government, all Military, all Police, all C.I.A. Agents, all Sheriffs & their Deputies, all Americans etc.}
      Need i say more about the word nobody?!

      Now for the word assault

      a sudden, violent attack; onslaught:
      an assault on tradition.
      Law. an unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.
      Military. the stage of close combat in an attack.

      I have never seen or looked at an assault rifle.
      Apparently Cabelas employees are as ignorant as Rodger Whiteaker is about what an assault rifle is. I ask a guy in the gun dept, does cabelas have & sell assault rifles and he said yes we do. While at Cabelas i bought a semi automatic Smith & Wesson M&P 15 in 223 cal., and no where on the rifle did the word Assault appear. What about an M14 semi automatic in 308 cal. or a Ruger 10 22 semi automatic or any other of the many semi automatic rifles?
      It is apparent that someone started calling those M 16 rifles i used in the war during 1969 against Vietnam a assault rifle.

      Do police use Assault Tasers on innocent & criminals?
      Is there an assault on the body when a police officer tasers anyone? Or is it an assault when Rodger tasers a police man?

      Where is the Authority of the executive branch to make laws for the people of America?
      Where is the territorial jurisdiction of the United States of America?
      Where is the land owned by the United States of America that is located in the state called Texas?

      Have a nice day Roger.

    8. It’s more simple than that Roger. It’s a RIGHT protected by the 2nd amendment. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand “shall not be infringed”. Now, I don’t think anyone in their right mind thinks there aren’t exceptions if someone is deemed unfit. But any law abiding citizen that wants to own a gun, any gun, has the duty to be part of a militia to protect ourselves from our government. It has happened in this country!!! Research the Battle of Athens, TN in 1946. It was a successful militia revolt against a corrupt and murderous local government. THIS is exactly why we demand our guns per them amendment and exactly why the government wants to take them away.

    9. Roger when did military full auto become legal for citizens without special permits? I see NOTHING here that says assault rife. Do you know what AR stands for?

    10. For the record “ROGER” boy. The “AR” in AR15 does not stand for “assault rifle” 15 as the democraps have called it. It stands for “automatic rifle” 15, so get your facts straight as your liberal thieves who want to steal all our rights can’t get it right either.

      1. For your information the AR in AR-15 does not stand for “Automatic Rifle” nor does it stand for “Assault Rifle”.
        The original manufacturer was called Armalite.
        Do you know what I am about to say?….. AR 15 stands for ARMALITE RIFLE 15. THAT’S IT!
        Ignorance abounds on both sides of the fence.

    11. Ever read the federalist papers Rodger? 2nd amendment was written to defend against govt’ tyranny. In case you haven’t noticed this govt has some pretty substancial firepower (bombs,missles,fighter planes,attack helicopters,ect) that makes an AR-15 quite insignificant, and by the way an AR-15 is not an assault rifle. An assault rifle is fully automatic and an AR-15 is only semi-automatic which is no different than many plain old deer hunting rifles. So that sort of makes your comment a CROCK. You should at least know what your talking about before opening your pie-hole and sticking your foot in it.

    12. Who made you BOSS! You like all the other liberals out there feel as though you know best what’s for all. That’s a personal decision that should be made by the individual and not dictated by YOU or ANYONE ELSE!

  7. I am a resident of Massachusetts. I am also a gun owner, a distinct minority of the populace here. Because I own AR’s, AK’s and other “bad” rifles, I am now a felon. Maura has said that she will not prosecute people like me because we own rifles in a configuration that has been legal until this recent date.

    She has not said that this “generosity” will continue. She has not said that people like me are exempt from prosecution, or that we will not be prosecuted in the future, by her or her successor.

    By her definition, I am now a felon. Along with my wife, our children, and other relatives and friends. We all complied with the laws of the Commonwealth as they existed, and as they still exist. Now one person, driving an agenda, has turned us all into criminals because we followed the laws, their laws. We didn’t like their laws, didn’t agree with them, but we followed them.

    Welcome to Massachusetts, birthplace of Amerika. (Spelling quite intentional)

    1. Why in the world would you not leave Massachusetts pronto? If you see a thunderstorm heading your way while playing golf, do you stick around or vacate the area?

    2. Look to California, where ANY magazine that holds more than 10 rounds was suddenly made illegal overnight and people who own them are REQUIRED to turn them in to authorities or face being charged with a felony. Your Massachusetts Attorney General is just one step away fro going there.

  8. Well it sounds like you voters of Massachusetts should get a petition to remove her and the ass that put her in that position out of office like the smart people of Colorado did before it is too late . Maybe you people will screen these politicians better

  9. They are counting on a 4-4 divided Supreme Court to enact this crap strricking while the iron is hot. Expect more of this until 1/.20/17 when the hash is settled once and for all.

  10. They are counting on a 4-4 divided Supreme Court to enact this crap striking while the iron is hot. Expect more of this until 1/20/17 when the hash is settled once and for all.

    1. Unfortunately, the ‘hash’ won’t be settled in favor of gun owners. Count on HiLIARy being elected POTUS. Never forget Obozo was elected TWICE. NOW is the time to prepare for the coming armed conflicts in both red and blue states. ‘These are the good old days’.

  11. We as responsible gun owners take offense at being characterized as “crazies” when we are actually the most law abiding citizens in general. A hammer can be an assault weapon Roger it’s how it’s used, I’m really tired of the over use of the term. What I truly do believe though are the words of Thomas Jefferson ….”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.
    That time seems to be drawing near!

  12. Join the NRA today. If a member then upgrade.
    Vote and become active in politics.
    Encourage others to do the same.

  13. THIS is the reason I would NEVER live anywhere east of the Mississippi river. Something in the water back there promotes insanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So, if an AR-10’s parts don’t interchange with an AR-15, is it still illegal? (jk)

    It never ceases to amaze me …. the arrogance of the Liberal/Communist knows no bounds. I’m sure she thinks she’s “oh-so-clever” and is the talk of all of her freedom-hating statists scumbag friends and colleagues. I guess it’s up to the people of Mass to put a collar on that thing … or not.

  15. One word for her Libtwat. She needs to be run out of office, just like the liberal racist in MD.

    There is no way I would live in one of these crap holes. Taxpayer flight is the only thing that gets their attention.

  16. Smith & Wesson and Savage need to start packing their bags and look for another “place to live”!!!

  17. Sorry shooters of Mass. If you want to stop this kind of activity by the state, stop selling any firearm related products to the police, and the STATE of Mass. from dealers, wholesale and retail outlets. Dry up the supply to the state This might hurt the firearm commerce there for a while, but when the police can’t get the supplies that they need to maintain law and order, and the politicians can’t be protected anymore, these laws will be rescinded. Then prosecute the AG for not protection the constitutional rights of the public. No supplies of any kind, no bullets, powder, loaded ammo, rifles, pistols, shotguns, primers and forbid any transaction to that state until the law is repealed. Suffer a little now or much more later. They’ll get the message when their live are in danger.

    1. Agreed. I like it. It will take a while for supplies to dry up and resellers will still sell to them when they see the chance to profit.

      1. Once again fellas do you think they can’t get anything they need from outa-state? All you will do is hurt your fellow enthusiast !

  18. when will they learn it’s not the gun… a firearm of any design is a tool. It can’t think-move- pick targets. If they manage to ban these what’s to stop them from outlawing whatever they they want? Ma. has a 10 round limit on magazines and a restricted trigger pull that requires a porta- power to move it. And now this what part of the 2nd amendment don’t they understand?? Outlaw firearms and criminals will still use them the only thing they’re doing is restricting honest bogus law abiding people and creating a smorgasbord for people who could care less what dumb law is placed upon good people.. Take away firearms the person intent on doing wrong will just use something else.. unarmed libtard = criminals delight

    1. So if guns kill people,I guess pencils miss spell words,cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat…..

  19. I didn’t read through all the comments so forgive me if someone is already stated this. This is what’s really going on. The Obama aministration is working behind-the-scenes to get states to restrict our gun laws laws. Because they know that the Supreme Court at the moment is split so that any any decision will leave the current law standing. What we need to do is wait don’t challenge this law hopefully Trump will be voted in and he will appoint conservative second amendment loving judges to the bench. Then at that time we can challenge these laws

  20. It was just witnessed in Nice, France that a truck is a very effective weapon of mass destruction. Maybe a few “good guys with guns” could have shot the SOB through the windshield before he had gotten very far. We’ll never know since guns are not allowed there.

    We just yesterday seen one guy in Munich, Germany kill 9 or 10 and would 16 , maybe that wasn’t suppose to happen. After all Germany has a strict NO GUN law on it’s citizens … I guess the perp didn’t read the law before hand. There is another example of if a “good guy with a gun” … it wouldn’t have been good on the shooter if he had done that on the streets here with more and more Patriots getting their CCW permits.

    Locked and Loaded waiting for the call

  21. She could take it as far as any and all firearms if she wanted to get down to the sights or the screws but it does (for now) say “actions”. Does that mean ALL blow back actions , ALL gas actions ?
    “They” say military weapons don’t belong in the hands of the public , well that would include the flintlock since it once was a military weapon … or even a spear !
    Very slippery slope that is getting steeper and slipperier all the time.

  22. All the liberal gun laws didn’t stop those box cutters on the planes, or more recently that truck, or the guy with a machete and hatchet.
    It is just an agenda driven cry for attention, by well-meaning idiots.

  23. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Stop Already! All of you better get your house in order ! Washington politicians want you chasing your tails ! Get out and shoot ,practice, stock up on ammo , and food. Learn survival skills , and quit arguing about an effing rifle! The Ten Commandments and the United States Constitution are all we need! Stop letting the bureaucrats muck it up! Write to Washington , call Washington .VOTE THEM OUT OF Washington !

  24. To the NeverTrumpers, Cruzers and RINO globalists who just can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump:

    I have a feeling that many of you, and many tea partiers are gun owners, as well as many GOPe’s. Even some Dems are gun owners.

    Not voting for Trump is a tacit vote for Hillary who has promised to “look” at Australian style gun confiscation. She will definitely appoint gun grabbing SCOTUS justices who will be approved by the rubber stamp senate.

    Mag size restrictions, “common sense” universal background checks…………..all coming. Jerry Brown just signed Assembly Bill 857, which will require serialization and registration of virtually every firearm possessed in California.

    Stephen Holbrook notes in his book ‘Gun Control in the Third Reich’ the liberal Weimar Republic instituted mandatory gun registration with the proviso that the records not fall into the hands of “radical elements” Hitler took power in 1933. The rest is history.

    In 2013 Germany instituted a firearms registration database with the promise to guarantee a “very high level of security of the data”. Any database can be hacked.

    So if you want to be a party to the loss of your 2nd Amendment freedom don’t vote for Trump.

    At least you will have your “conservative tea party principles” intact as your home is being invaded by who knows who and you are sitting around waiting for the cops to rescue your behind, assuming you are able to make that phone call in time.
    For your Freedom:

    Trump 2016!!!!

  25. The Bill of Rights were enacted to protect “We the People” from the “Overzealous Government” (not each other).

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