Sheriff David Clarke Is Fed Up

Hours after the devastating police shooting that claimed the lives of three officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sunday, CNN’s Don Lemon invited Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke on air to speak about the recent surge in anti-police violence nationwide. The sheriff said he predicted such violence two years ago as the result of anti-police political language. Do you agree?

22 thoughts on “Sheriff David Clarke Is Fed Up”

  1. This Anti- police rhetoric is a Saul Slowly tactic used by our”We Care about everyone” DemoncRats. Divide and conquer actions used to forment violence. Nothing more. Ohomo is the King as he was a professional community agitator before getting into Goobermint with the help of Soros and Ayers ( both terrorists )!

  2. The issue is really quite simple. Black lives don’t matter. Police kill blacks at a rate 4 times as frequently as whites. Blacks are stopped and ticketed more frequently than whites. As was shown by the FBI investigation of Ferguson, blacks are targeted in order to provide revenue to cities. Until the police stop targeting black citizens, they are likely to lash out with incidents like Dallas and Baton Rouge. Oppressed people have a tendency to attack their oppressors,

    1. Your 4 to 1 statistic is not born out by FBI data. Whites are killed 2 to 1 over blacks yet blacks have a exponentially higher rate of police interactions.

    2. Roger. Fact: Blacks are about 13 percent of our population. Of that 13%, how many are the “thug” elements causing violence or even murder? Then take that and let’s say only 10% are the thug so maybe 3% would be thug? OK, so then you have three percent of our population are criminal of the blacks. So there are 70% whites in population. With maybe let’s say 10% are thug criminals? It is still a disproportionate amount of crimes are committed by blacks, but the police are just supposed to look the other way because they are black? I call that racist.
      More black on black murder, more black on white murder, but you just don’t care about killing your own, just when whites kill a black or when they get stopped for traffic violations. Ferguson statement was that they harass blacks for revenue? Who runs these big cities? White DEMOCRATS! Why do the blacks keep voting in these people in to run their cities??? There is your answer. P.S. how many white people have gun carry permits verses black people that have carry permits? Oppressed verses whites( oppressors)? That mentality is why blacks RESIST and get killed with police.

    3. Even if your statistics were true which they are not more black young men are killed by other black young men than by everyone else combined why isnt black lives matter worried about that if they want to save someone stop the violence against all black people starting with each other then worry about the few cops who might be after blacks that’s if they aren’t just after cops in general

      1. Black lives matter IS NOT interested in saving black lives or they would do as you say, that is to address the problem of blacks killing fellow blacks. Black Lives Matter needs someone to be a scapegoat for the problems in the black community. They are more interested in creating an image of being oppressed by white cops. That is why the Dallas shooter said he wanted to kill white cops.

        BTW, it seems that where most cases of cops shooting blacks occur in the urban ghetto areas governed by Dimocrats.

      2. Blacks killing blacks is a red herring. The reason for Black Lives Matter is that currently they don’t matter in confrontations with the police.

    4. You’re an idiot if you believe half of the nonsense you spew . How are poor black folks increasing revenue? The cost to incarcerate these people is killing the economy nation wide. The reason they’re stopped more or arrested more is because they commit more crimes. They’re guilty of killing more blacks than police and white civilians combined!!!!!
      Check your facts and leave your emotions out of it if you’re going to just shoot your mouth off.

    5. …and now Roger you sound like a second amendment supporter. Your last statement reflects that. How are the oppressed supposed to fight their oppressors?

  3. Yes our great leader is anti-Police and his comments are encouraging such groups as the Black Panthers and Black Lifes Matter. The main stream medina is also anti-Police

    1. the mainstream media or any media is not anti police. the media is into fomenting news articles no matter who gets hurt

  4. This is the left’s strategy. “Calm down, and be civil,” to shut down those who disagree. And then not shut up continue and talk over the guest trying to prevent the message from getting out.

  5. This sheriff is an American hero and more people should listen to him telling the truth instead of what is “PC”.

  6. Black on Black crime is the biggest problem we have as a society.
    We are moraly bankrupt as a country ,
    That is what happens when Gods is not important anymore .

  7. Donn Lemon is a complete Jerk! Did anyone else see him flip the bird on national television during an awards show?
    Sheriff Clarke tells it Just like it is! Don Lemon a typical jump to conclusion idiot without waiting for All The Facts And Evidence to be investigated it’s too bad he doesn’t know that he has Two Ears, two eyes, and one mouth: which means he should Listen, watch, twice as much before you speak! He’s like that every time a shooting occurs that he can get a rating from! What an asshole!

  8. Sheriff Clarke is one of my favorite people to hear speak.
    He tells it straight and doesn’t hold back on whoever may be the target. I’ve often said I wish he was our sheriff. Our former sheriff is in prison for 15 years.

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