Semi-Auto AR-15 is a Weapon of War? Pish Posh

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s latest video has gone viral. It was made in response to anti-gun politicians, celebrities, and media elites’ repeated attempts to single out the AR-15 as a “weapon of war.”

Semi-automatic firearms, including the AR-15, account for approximately 70% of all firearms, and yet — in an attempt to literally give the AR-15 a bad name — we keep hearing the same rhetoric from anti-gun politicians, celebrities and the media elite. “Weapon of war” is their new catchphrase. Fact is, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic civilian rifle and not anything like a “weapon of war”.  Arm yourself with the facts at


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  1. What do you expect from uniformed people. The only thing this crooked media and the crooked government of OBAMA is how many guns should we give the drug dealers in Mexico.
    The people in this once great country of ours better get their head out of their ass and vote for Trump or lose all their rights to be a free country.
    Mr. OBAMA and Mrs. Clinton you had better keep your crooked hands from my guns or pay the price !!!

  2. This article is about as lame as you can get! It makes me think of two first graders…yes it is; no it’s not; yes it is; no it’s not…ad nauseam. When gun control advocates call the AR-15 a “weapon of war” just saying “no it’s not” doesn’t prove anything (regardless of who says it). Why isn’t it a weapon of war? Could it be that they are not in fact used in war by the military? Or possibly that there are laws that distinguish the true difference in weapons of war (automatic) vs. civilian weapons (semi-automatic). If you want to defend civilian access to semi-automatic weapons (of which I support) then do it and stop bad mouthing others who have a different opinion/position as justification for your opinion/position; it just makes you sound ‘uniformed’ (uninformed).

  3. Politicians thrive on emotion instead of facts. Throw facts at them & they either shut you down or want to switch subjects. Our government has two speeds zero & full bore. Here’s a novel concept , how about enforcing the laws that are already on the books. No plea bargaining down on these sentences. Can’t do that because lawyers are afraid their win loss record may hinder their rise in the political realm. Leave my firearms alone & go after the criminals.

  4. Already have my AR, and want a AR-10. Would be nice to have a “Big Brother” for mini- me.
    That said, I will never register, nor give them up willingly ( while alive). And once the regime gets your AR banned, the rest will follow. The only rifle you will be allowed to possess will be a rim fire .22 short single shot!

  5. What do you think about the AR-15 or AK-47 being only made and sold as a straight-pull rifle for the civilian market in the US? These are legal in the UK and there is a move to make them legal in Australia, both countries with strict gun control as we know. Maybe the Federal government could even offer big tax credits to people who would convert their AR-15 type rifle to straight pull. This would eliminate the whole “assault rifle” issue. I have seen people shooting these and having a great time with them.

    1. No. I support the 2nd Amendment which means I have the right to weapons of war. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, or self defense; but it does have everything to do with defending our country from both foreign and domestic threats to include our Government if necessary. Giving them the idea that we will accept what they are doing in foreign countries is a bad idea, they already want to implement Australian like gun control, give them room to implement straight-pull rifles and see how they will use it to go even further.

      1. Thanks for your comment. I was hoping to see some comments on what I talked about. Yes, the 2nd Amendment related to being able to form a militia for defense of home and community from various threats, both internal and external. Those militias evolved into our National Guard units. You could interpret the term “well regulated” to mean that all kinds of rules and regulations can be implemented around gun rights. A country like Australia has nothing like a 2nd Amendment. In spite of strict licensing and controls, sport shooting is very popular. I know this because every so often I visit Sydney and shoot with the New South Wales Rifle Association at the huge ANZAC Range.

      2. “Well regulated” could also mean that their firearms possession should be well regulated and controlled; all depends on how you interpret it. Is it likely that in colonial times, background checks were done by the colonial government to be certain that only able bodied men were allowed to be in the militia; no shirkers, criminals or men with physical or mental issues. Likely there was a registration kept by authorities of who was in the militia and what weapons they had that they could bring to a muster. Was Paul Revere just guessing where to go on his famous ride as to where the militia people lived around Boston, or did he have a list supplied by the local government? So along with the 2nd Amendment, there was likely background checks and gun registration. So why is this now such an issue?

      3. Stuart, in the 1700s and 1800s they didn’t have “background checks”. The powers that BE didn’t violate our gun rights like today’s fascists do.
        Everyone carried, and no one needed to go to the sheriff for permission. And no, WELL REGULATED has never meant the Goobermint can regulate them. This is the interpretation of the Liberals, who twist word meanings to their benefit. The word gay 100 years ago sure didn’t mean Homosexual humans!

      4. And you know this for a fact? I am quite certain that there were background checks and firearms registration done by local government bodies in Colonial times that were relevant to forming a militia. It would be interesting if historians have ever come across such records. I have never heard of these, but I wonder if they are in some archivers somewhere.
        Are you also in favor of ammunition being available to the public that can pierce a cop’s bullet-proof vest, as has happened in Dallas? As a retired law enforcement person, I certainly am not. Ask the families of the Dallas officers what they think.

      5. Stuart. You were in law enforcement? I find that so hard to believe. You must be one of those Liberals, who don’t respect our rights. To ask if I “am in favor of ammunition that can pierce a policeman’s vest” what an ignorant question in my opinion. Almost every hu ting rifles cartridge will defeat a police officers vest. Those vests are suited to only stop most pistol rounds. Matter of fact, the .357 SIG FMJ round will do that. “Armor Piercing rounds” were outlawed for pistols some time back. Unless they wear level 3 or level 4 plates, almost any rifle round will defeat the standard vest.

      6. Yes, I spent my whole working life in law enforcement, criminal justice and investigative work PROTECTING your rights, not disrespecting them as you say, which indicates you know little about law enforcement type work. And yes, I am familiar with powerful hunting type rounds, though I hunted for parole violators who might have access to a weapon they should not have been able to access. We are not talking about bolt-action hunting rifles that usually are not used to kill police or used by terrorists or assorted crazies in mass shootings. We are talking about the cop-killing ammo used in AR-15 type rifles that the above killers have a preference for. I think the .223 ammo for these should be made less powerful so as to be okay for target shooting, but not pierce a cop’s vest. People I meet at ranges tell me they just do target shooting with their AR-15, not hunting or home or personal defense. What do you think? I do value your opinions even if I might not agree. And yes, I am a fairly liberal person and a member of the NRA.

      7. Well, I am a fair person, and I respect your civility here. Most Liberals are jerks, and can’t reason a rational thought. I own an AR-15 in .223/5.56. I not only target practice with it, it is also used for self defense, not just in my home, but out on the road. Mine is kept handy in my truck. Here in Tn, if a person has a concealed carry permit, we can carry a long gun, as long as there is not one in the chamber, and we have an expectation that our life may be in danger. It is locked up and safe from theft also, but I can access it in about ten or fifteen seconds. Criminals will use anything to accomplish their goals, if it isn’t a gun, it will be a knife, or as I text this message, maybe a truck that runs over 30 people in France. They (criminals ) are just animals, and the world will be better off without them. I do understand your concerns, but criminals don’t follow the law, and laws only restrict us law abiding citizens.
        People kill, not guns. Guns are not able to jump up and chase someone down. Please blame the folks , not the instrument.

      8. Maybe you have not met that many liberals. Too bad you live in Tenn. I live in Queens, NY. I would have liked to have met you and talked with you and gone to a range with you. I have shot an AK-47 and an AR-15, but I prefer my antique rifles. Go to “Kragman shooting his” to see my “educational” videos, and I am on LinkedIn if you want to see some of my law enforcement background. I enjoy shooting at the Ben Avery range in AZ, but really enjoy the ANZAC range in Sydney and am contacting the Sports Shooters Association of Australia for my next trip. On my last trip, I observed the Queens Prize competition there, which was amazing.

      9. Am in agreement with Jose. Give an inch they take a mile. All guns, even M16 full automatic rifles should be available for anyone not prohibited from possession of firearms. The term “well regulated” is in reference to practiced and efficient in the use of the weapons of war, and the Militia was to be funded and equipped by the state. All members were that of able bodied men of certain age….at least that’s the way that I understand it to mean. If the military can have it, then so are the private citizens entitled to have. Some “scholars” of the 2nd Amendment also say we are entitled to possess even nuclear weapons, tanks, fighter jets, and battle ships, submarines as not to permit our own government to have tactical advantage over us as the 2nd Amendment is to protect us FROM tyrannical government. I will stick to my rifle and shotgun,and sidearm, and “other stuff” of weaponry not of firearm terms.

      10. The same 223 and 5.56mm round are used for long range varmint hunting in bolt action rifles.
        Do you know (doubt it) that you can get virtually any center fire cartridge chambered in the AR platform ?
        You want me to give up my 5.56mm round because it is able to go through a vest but then you’ll let me have an AR chambered in 243WIN that I have shot through T1 Steel before … ?
        You better be GLAD that the terrorist are ONLY using off the shelf 5.56mm rifles.

      11. Well, terrorists and assorted crazies have of late killed an awful lot of innocent people and police officers with these “off the shelf” rifles, in case you haven’t noticed. They have not used any bolt-action type rifles. We need these types of AR-15 and AK-47 weapons “well regulated, ” and there is certainly an interpretation that “well regulated” meant to regulate the type of man who could be in a militia and what type of weapon he should possess if called up for a drill or actual combat. No unfit men for the militia and no useless or obsolete weapons. You can be sure that colonial and early American local governments performed background checks and had weapon registries in relation to their local militias, and it would be interesting if such historic documentation was found. Those who possess rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47 should undergo a licensing process, including a background investigation to determine their fitness whereby it is also closely monitored how these rifles are stored and secured and who could have access to them who should not. That should be a job of the ATF. By the way, when did you last read in the NRA magazine “American Rifleman” that someone defended themselves with an AR-15 or AK-47?

      12. You don’t even know what you typed earlier do you !
        You want the 223/556 made less powerful.
        It’s used by more guns than just the AR , unfair to the varmint hunter that uses the round in their bolt gun to kill ground hogs that did holes in fields that cause cattle to break their leg.
        To kill ground hogs that dig holes in fields that cause a farmer to drive his tractor front wheel into the hole breaking off the spindle , throwing the farmer off the tractor breaking his arm (as I know happening).
        You don’t get your selfish way just to make you feel better.
        You missed my point about there being so many more rounds that are far more powerful than 223/556 that can be bought on the AR platform.
        And you are still missing it.
        I’m not wasting anymore of my time trying to educate someone that does not have the mental capacity to learn.

      13. I have seen .22 caliber rifles advertised as “varmint guns”, so I have to wonder why more powerful ammo is needed for that purpose, but I am not a hunter and am not familiar with all the modern ammo out there being that I only collect and shoot antique military rifles. Yes, making .223/556mm ammo less powerful may not be practical, but having strict controls on these weapons; who can have them and how they are secured is a practical solution to cut down how these rifles fall into the wrong hands. A further deterrent would certainly be strict penalties for using any firearm for a purpose that it is not intended, meaning any criminal act. But what do I know in my “mental capacity.” I only have a Master’s degree and 49 years of work in the law enforcement, criminal justice and investigative fields, including being in high-ranking positions.

  6. I have spent over 28 years in law enforcement, and before that I spent two years serving as a volunteer firefighter. Over the last 30 years I have owned several different semi-automatic rifles and at one time I had a class three select fire weapon system with a suppressor. My interest in firearms led me to shoot in several different types of competitive shooting sports like; Benchrest shooting 100, 200, 300, and 600 yards, F-Class 600 and 1000 yards, High Power 200, 300, and 600 yards. Most of the competitive shooting involved semi-automatic weapons often referred to as assault rifles. I am also an avid hunter and I have used an AR15 on several occasions to hunt whitetail deer.

    I fully know the capabilities of the so-called assault weapons but I am also aware of how deadly a knife, machete, baseball bat, rope, and even a sharpened pencil or fork can be because in my years of law enforcement I have seen all of these items cause serious injuries and even death. When Britain outlawed guns there assault by knives picked up so they regulated the size of knives that could carried.

    When people decide to cause grave harm to other human beings the only limitation in the selection of a weapon is their imagination and creativity.

    I remembered seeing a bumper sticker that said, Flies doesn’t cause garbage any more then guns cause crime. A firearm is nothing more than a tool much like a hammer in a carpenter’s belt, neither are dangerous until put to the task of causing bodily harm.

    I believe that firearm enhancement laws that add time to prison sentences and or other measures to otherwise punish those that use guns to commit crimes is the best approach.

    If I am not mistaken every year hammers and other bludgeoning weapons account for more assault then firearms.

  7. This comment is to KEN. It was not my post that said we should ban any type of ammo. Please read the discussion between myself and Stuart. I, am knowledgeable about guns, and types of ammo. I Handloads and I also own an AR15 in .223 and 5.56 NATO. The back and forth was me and Stuart but with the “reply” button in order to reply to a certain comment sometimes we have to reply to the “original poster” and not to the actual comment intended for that comment.
    I don’t believe ANY ammo should be banned,even armor piercing, and Stuart, being a former LEO from the Leftist coast thinks different. I don’t like anyone thinking that I have Liberal beliefs…I am not.

  8. This comment is to Stuart: Having a Master’s Degree doesn’t necessarily make a person smarter than everyone else. And 49 years in Law Enforcement sure hasn’t schooled you very well in the Constitution. I resent that you are one of “them” instead of one of “us”. Most in Law Enforcement that don’t kiss Ohomo’s butt realize that it isn’t the guns, it’s the person. Why don’t you go cheerlead to your Liberal brethren that we need Mental healthcare, and sealed borders and stop the human smuggling( ( border enforcement) to stop the Muslem terrorists coming here. Then work on the rampant drug gangs like in Shitcago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, etc. That would stop 98% of the murders here from ALL guns, and not AR15s ( those scary looking firearms ).
    Have a pleasant election year sir, and if you vote for ” them” you are no longer with “us”.

    1. It is unfortunate that you, Robert, have that “us” and “them” mentality all too typical of law enforcement members. Fortunately, I never developed that type of thinking. As Rudy Giuliani decried at the Republican convention, we are “one America” and complained about people like you who have forgotten that. Remember, the Constitution that you and I defend begins with “We the people…,” not “Us and them people…” Maybe you should read it sometimes. Perhaps maybe you can get a copy from Khizr Kahn, who offered to lend Trump a copy. You complain about “liberals.” Who do you think fought for generations for your union benefits, Republican conservatives?

      1. First Stuart, I need to address the “them” and “us”. Them are the tyrannical government NOT the Dumbed down Liberal citizens. Second, with all due respect to the hero Soldier Khan, his father, Mr. Khan has been linked to RADICALS, and is just a pawn for Killery and the DemoncRats agenda. The Khan’s son passed serving our country, that is a Hero, even to Trump. The tragedy is the USE of that tragedy for POLITICAL purpose which the DEMOCRATS AND Killery AND Mr. Khan used. I know, as well as Trump, about the Constitution so please STOP with the”READ THE CONSTITUTION” crap. It is usually the Liberals and RINOs that try their best to run around or totally usurp the Constitution. As for Unions??? What is that about?? I was a union member TWICE. Both were private sector jobs and needed. The Government unions are an improper organization. And I would be glad to elaborate if you would like???
        Best wishes, and Trump 2016!!! For the sake of God and Country.

      2. I am a fairly liberal Democrat, but not a fan of Hillary and certainly not of Trump, though there have been years I have voted Republican in local races, and I was a “Reagan Democrat” in that election. I am not a fan of this Khan character who has had ties to Clinton and Saudi Arabia with his law firm and another big firm; I don’t care for what he practices with his visa procurement operation. No evidence that he is an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t doubt that Clinton’s speechwriters used him and scripted his convention speech, and Clinton knew that Trump would respond to the trap she set for him with Kahn and would say dumb things. Sure enough, he did not disappoint. Frankly, I wish there was a good 3rd-Party candidate to vote for. Best regards and keep enjoying the shooting sports! I may be visiting Australia in December and shoot at the ANZAC range with the New South Wales Rifle Association.

      3. As I said before, Thanks for the civility in your responses. And am sorry you still identify as a “Liberal”. True, Reagan was a Democrat at one time, and changed to Republican, and am glad you are a “Reagan Democrat” But as you should admit, there are no Reagan DEMOCRATS left and most are “Hillary Progressives”. Which, is code for COMMUNISTS( We call them Socialists, but research and it is the same as the US Commie Party). Good luck down u see and be careful not to use a prohibited weapon. Do you ship your own there or just use what is available? Peace.

      4. I had awhile back checked with Australian Customs about bringing in one of my rifles. I collect and shoot antique military rifles and was thinking of coming there with a model 1888 Commission rifle made in 1891 at Danzig Arsenal. Customs e-mailed me a 1-page import form to fill in if I wanted to do it and that was it. They have no issues with antique rifles. But it would be a hassle to carry that extra piece of luggage. The NSW Rifle Association has provided me with an old Enfield in the past and then put me into a competition. I did win a prize for “Best Visitor 2013.” They are a great bunch of blokes.

  9. Stuart, congrats on the shooting award, and I would love to shoot some of those old antiques too, i also muzzle load for hunting using a .50 Cal sabot and 150 grains of powder which is a magnum load. The Enfield was a proven rifle, but hard to find a rifle in great condition. I want an M14 (308 Win ) in semi auto. As they say… one shot, one kill… from the story of the Viet Nam sniper book I read years ago… I just hate to waste ammo!!!
    Nice talking and discussing our views.

    1. See my “Kragman shooting his” YouTube videos. I have a 303 Enfield dated 1915 that I got from an Irish family. The story was it was left behind at Gallipoli by the ANZACS when they withdrew, was picked up by the Turks and sold to the IRA in the 1920’s, obtained by this family. M-14 is a great rifle to have. I assume you do not live in the NYC area. Where do you live? I am in Kew Gardens, Queens. This liberal commie pinko would love to meet a right-wing fanatic like yourself and go out to a range and have a great time.

      1. Rocky Top, Tennessee is where I call home. Moved from South Jersey in the 90s and never looked back! Am so glad to have raised my children here, as the people and the food are great ( as long as you don’t live in the CITY of Knoxville, and only visit the sites, Knoxville isn’t too bad, but they are just like other big cities… they find a way to empty your pockets!!!) Hunting, fishing, are wonderful, and plenty of places to shoot, ranges to sight in, and I just step outside and shoot anytime I please!

      2. That sounds like a nice lifestyle, but my wife and I are strictly city people; even the suburbs in Long island are not urban enough. We have toyed with the idea of retiring to Durham, North Carolina and have looked at townhouse rentals there in an enclave with lots of Obama signs on the lawns that year (2012). Well, if you ever visit NYC, please look me up. I’m on LinkedIn and you can see my e-mail address. I shoot just at 2 public outdoor ranges in Long Island; not much to choose from here. A number of people in my apartment building are anti-gun, as you might imagine, but not anti-antique gun as they have told me. A good friend of mine, a former Bronx ADA who is very anti-gun and NRA enjoys going to the range with me.

      3. Thanks for the INVITE. Only been to NYC once ( went to the top floor of the World Trade Center ). Not too crazy about cities that won’t”allow” self defense, as you can imagine! I would carry even if I did visit, as I did in California. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six. You were LEO….and have to agree: when SECONDS count, the police are minutes ( hours in some places) away. When it comes down to it, “We” are responsible to protect ourselves, and the police mop up and try their best to bring our “murderer” to justice. Very peaceful and quiet out here. No big city noise, except an occasional ambulance going past on a call. No worries of gangbangers doing drive by shootings. If you every come to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, bring your guns, we can go shooting! Have a good one and stay safe. I am.

      4. Being a retired Peace Officer, I have a CCW issued by NYPD, a pistol permit type that is otherwise just about impossible to get in NYC. Handgun permits in general are not easy to get. Rifle/Shotgun permits are needed for long guns dated after an 1894 model date. I have such a permit that covers some of those rifles. I often carry a S&W Chief’s Special (“A harmless toy, Mr. Bond) when I go out, especially at night. It is actually the revolver carried by Parole Officer Brian Rooney when he was murdered by drug dealers back in Oct. 1985 if you ever heard of that case. Lots of illegal guns in the city, and an increase in shootings, though the city tries to play it down. But overall, NYC with its gentrification of former bad areas is a lot safer than it used to be.

  10. No more “stop and frisk” there. You guys should bring back Rudy. Your revolver is a .38 special? My father has a Smith and Wesson .357 mag, and I think it’s a Colt .38. but his favorite is his new 9mm Glock Gen 4. After shooting my Glock 32 (.357 Sig ) he liked the 14 round capacity and the accuracy of Glock. Never heard of the case you referred to. Most big cities don’t like to talk too much about their gun problems ( actually it’s a THUG problem.. see Shitcago for example ) oh, the “guns” aren’t illegal , it’s the person POSSESSING the gun that makes it illegal…. that’s sort of like the car is drunk driving…. I am going to have to “work” on you!!! Will make you be a Conservative someday! No gun “permits” needed here. Just need to be a non felon, a resident, and do your background check, can walk with it in twenty minutes if the background checkers aren’t too busy… Talk with ya later.

    1. Feel free to e-mail me at so we can stay in touch outside this site. I had been thinking of getting a Glock 26. In NYS Parole we had been issued the Glock 19. I liked Rudy as a Mayor and voted for him. I don’t like the one we have now. Yes, the lack of stop and frisk is no doubt behind the spike we now see in shootings. I am actually quite conservative when it comes to law enforcement matters, which is why I liked having Rudy as a Mayor and liked Commissioner Ray Kelly.

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