Our Condolences to the Families of DPD Officers

Midsouth Shooters Supply wishes to express the anguish and sorrow we feel for the heroic law-enforcement officers who were killed and wounded in last night’s attacks in Dallas. We recognize the bravery of those who ran toward danger, and who helped defend the city and the people of Dallas.

Assist the Officer Foundation

We appreciate the difficulties LEOs face on the job every day. For our customers who wish to directly help the families of the fallen, we recommend ATODallas.org  the Dallas-area branch of the Assist the Officer Foundation. To help out, you can click the Donate Now button on the website or call (214) 747-6839 to make a donation by phone. A Dallas Police Association staff member will assist you with the process and answer any questions you may have about your contribution.

With heavy hearts, our management, employees, and our customers honor their heroism and offer our deepest condolences to all of their families.

4 thoughts on “Our Condolences to the Families of DPD Officers”

  1. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!!!Get the bad ones off the street for good!!! A few examples of being prosecuted to the fullest and no hope for parole would be a good start! If some one starts a riot then make them pay for it with time in jail and paying for any damages!!!

    1. This is the direct result of a careless POTUS. His driving a wedge between the races resulted in the deaths and injuries of these Brave and Innocent men. By inciting riots with his prejudice, he is destroying our country. Between or agenda driven media and President, the deterioration of our Republic is guaranteed.

    2. You are absolutely right it people not guns what doesn’t Obama understand ? Or he is just hell bent destroying are constitution .

  2. In a free society there will always be a few BAD PEOPLE, but we don’t blame the GOOD PEOPLE for the sins of the BAD !

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