Video: One-Handed Walther CCP Takedown

Dan Davies shows how he takes down his every day carry gun of choice, the Walther CCP.

Walther Arms representatives ran into Dan at the USCCA show in Atlanta on May 1, 2016. He told the company of his affinity for the CCP and how he takes it down one handed. The video below shows how he does it:

Do you think the Walther CCP is too hard to break down? What do you think of Davies’ method?

4 thoughts on “Video: One-Handed Walther CCP Takedown”

  1. Nice job Dan.
    My son in law lost his hand seven inches of his left arm in a muzzle loader accident many years ago now. He also has no trouble cleaning his semi auto. Its amazing what a person can do when they put their mind to something. Keep on doing what you like and show them what you can do.

  2. That looked like a pretty simple break down process to me, cannot believe somebody with two perfectly functioning hands could even begin to complain about that. You’re awesome Dan, good work and thanks for showing people what a little willingness can accomplish! Never give up and never say can’t.

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