Iowa Legalizes Suppressors; Free Shoot Set for April 16


Iowa became the 42nd state to legalize suppressors when House File 2279, introduced by Rep. Matt Windschitl and Rep. Terry Baxter, was signed by Governor Terry Branstad on March 31. And to celebrate, a national suppressor-owners’ rights organization is throwing a free shoot next week.

After three years of efforts by the American Suppressor Association (ASA) and the Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) to educate lawmakers on the benefits and realities of suppressors, HF 2279 was met with positive response. The legislation passed earlier this session 46-4 in the Senate and 78-21 in the House.

Effective immediately, the new lawalso makes Iowa the 39th state to allow for the use of suppressors while hunting.

“The legalization of suppressors in Iowa is a tremendous victory for the law abiding citizens of The Hawkeye State,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association. “For the past three years, the ASA has worked alongside the Iowa Firearms Coalition, the National Rifle Association, Rep. Windschitl, and, this year, Rep. Baxter to get this legislation passed so that the sportsmen and women of Iowa could use these benign accessories to protect their hearing while in the field and at the range. We are incredibly excited that Iowa is now one of 42 states that allows suppressor ownership, and one of 39 states that allows their use while hunting.”

To celebrate the new law, the American Suppressor Association will be hosting a public suppressor shoot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 16 at the Big Springs Shooting Complex.

To find the range, use Google Maps and search for the address, 5015 Highway 146, Searsboro, IA 50242. That will get you a pointer right by the range gate, according to the Big Springs Range website.

Knox said, “We will be bringing the top manufacturers from across the country to showcase their products, and educate any interested Iowans on why they should be excited that Iowa became the 42nd state to legalize suppressors. Admission and ammo are free, so we encourage you to join us!”

2 thoughts on “Iowa Legalizes Suppressors; Free Shoot Set for April 16”

  1. When c an we put California on that map for ownership!? I am born and raised in this state, and love it for the amount of close different things to do and the weather, but lord I HATE the politics, especially associated with firearms! I would like very much to be able to own one or more suppressors, maybe some day in the near future Ca can be added to that map?

  2. States do not make Laws for suppressors, some unknown people make a law to charge a Fee for a hearing product which protects gun & rifle shooters. {who are the unknown people?}
    {what are their names?}
    Where do these unknown people get the authority to charge a fee for a noise reduction device?
    shouldn’t we be charged for EAR plugs? , the difference is we do not put the suppressors in our EARs or do we?

    visit ad listen to the 2 audios.

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