Yeti Rambler vs. ORCA Chaser

The Yeti Rambler vs the ORCA Chaser

In the current market, you can take advantage of any number of high-end, trendy drink-ware at your disposal. Whether you think it’s a fad or not, there are some compelling arguments for investing a little more cash in order to keep your drinks cold all day, or hot for an extended period of time. Read on to see Midsouth’s Mellissa compare the ORCA Chaser 27 oz tumbler, versus the YETI Rambler 20 oz. tumbler. Granted, there’s are size difference here, but for the cost (difference of $5) and availability (the Rambler 30 oz. wasn’t available yet), it’s the most direct comparison we could come up with at the time. We plan to retest soon with the entire line of ORCA and Yeti Products. Just to reiterate, WE KNOW THESE ARE DIFFERENT SIZES! We’ve seen the comments, and read the emails.

How does the Orca Chaser stand up to the Yeti Rambler, Tervis Tumbler, and regular Travel Coffee Mugs?

We just received our Orca Chaser travel mug and decided to compare it to the Yeti Rambler and regular travel coffee mugs. Each mug will go through two 24 hour tests. One full day with a cold beverage and one full day with a hot beverage. For the cold beverage test we will fill up each mug to the brim with ice and then pour water to fill the mug all the way. We will let them sit for the full 24 hours checking at 3, 19, and 24 hours. For the second test we will fill each mug with hot coffee and repeat the process of the cold beverage.

Pictured are the Yeti Rambler, Orca Chaser, Tervis Tumbler, Stanley Mug, and other promotional drink holders
Pictured are the Yeti Rambler, Orca Chaser, Tervis Tumbler, Stanley Mug, and other promotional drink holders

Travel Mug Competitors-
Here is What Yeti and Orca Say
About Their Mugs:

Yeti Rambler
– “Don’t you hate it when your favorite beverage loses its frosty (or piping hot) goodness before you have a chance to fully enjoy it? We sure do, and that’s why we over-engineered our Rambler Tumblers with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. The result is a tough, hard-wearing personal drink cooler that maintains ice twice as long as plastic tumblers – and it works just as well for hot beverages. The lid that keeps your liquid in its place is easy to clean, shatterproof and crystal clear so you know exactly how much of your drink you still have to look forward to. Dishwasher safe. Size: 20oz and 30oz ”

Orca Chaser
– “Tired of watered down drinks? Can’t get from home to work without your coffee getting cold? The ORCA Chaser can fix that. In today’s world everyone is on the move. Whether you are going to work, the ball field, a tailgate, into the woods, down the dock, or to a party, the ORCA Chaser believes in getting you there with an ice-cold (or piping hot) liquid. The ORCA Chaser’s stainless steel double walled vacuum sealed body ensures that your ice will stay frozen and your drink will stay strong, while its clear lid makes it easy to see when it’s time for a refill.”
18/8 stainless steel double vacuum sealed body. Not dishwasher safe. Triton polymer clear lid and SIZE: 7″ height 27 fluid ounce capacity.

Other Travel Mugs Used In Comparison
– Here are the other mugs we used in the test. We won’t go into great detail about these but, if you want more info feel free to look it up. Insulated plastic and stainless steel: Tervis Tumbler, Stanley, Cool Gear, and Delton promo mug.

Facts and Comparison:

Honest Two Cents About The Yeti
– Our catalog guy borrowed his wife’s 20oz Yeti Rambler for the test. He had this to say in conclusion about the test:

“My wife loves that Rambler, so much so that she’s bought several as gifts for friends. She makes sure to let me know just about every morning that it Still Has Ice in it after however many hours it has been sitting there. She prefers the size of the 20oz Yeti over the Orca 27oz Chaser and the Yeti 30oz Rambler, and I can understand that. My thought is that the Orca is every bit as good as the Yeti and vice-versa. The Orca just fills a size in between the 2 Yetis.
From looking at the test results, I think the fact that the Orca held temperatures longer was only because of the volume. Had we have filled a Yeti 30oz Rambler and tested it, it probably would have won. My son has a Yeti also and loves it for coffee. The only complaint I’ve heard from the Rambler is the fact that the lid does not have a closable slot. This is the same for the Chaser and isn’t a deal breaker to me. The lids seal tight and won’t leak down the side, that’s what matters to me. The Yeti Rambler is a great product, and even though we don’t sell Yeti, I would still recommend it. As for me, I’m getting an Orca.”

Check out the video below:

– The Orca Chaser 27oz and Yeti Rambler 20oz were neck and neck, but by the end of our test, the Orca Chaser came out on top in both the hot and cold tests.
We all agree, it was hard to compare apples to apples with the sizes being different, but they are both really impressive beverage holders.

Hot and Cold liquid comparison chart
Hot and Cold liquid comparison chart

Currently, we only sell Orca products.The Yeti Rambler can be found at just about any sporting retailer or outdoor store in America. But, the Orca can be found right here- If you’d like more info or would like to try one for yourself click this link.

As new products begin to show up from ORCA, we plan to put each one through the ringer, making sure that you’re not just buying the hype, but a quality product, at a reasonable price. So far, we’re sold on ORCA, and excited to see the new offerings arrive this spring.

Do you have an ORCA or a YETI drink holder, or cooler? What’s your thoughts on their function vs. price? Hit the comments to give us your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Yeti Rambler vs. ORCA Chaser”

  1. I am using the Yeti in the Middle East where temperatures are far an above those temperature in my home state of Wyoming…… Simple test…. Sits in a golf cart at 45*C and will keep ice through 3 cold beverages poured into it over the course of 18 holes…. And I return home to only end up dumping the ice into a plant to cool it’s day off. I’m impressed with the the 20 oz. Yeti….. Even the outside can be hot to the touch and the inside remains with ice over a 5 hour period in the Middle East desert… A true test that it works incredibly well! Was worth money and worth hauling it over in my luggage ….

  2. RTIC is half the price and as good as or better than either. Bigger coolers. Closing lids optional. They are out classing both of these companies at every turn.

  3. The Orca is NOT dishwasher safe. That seals the deal for me. If I need one, I’ll buy a Yeti.

  4. Test the RTIC tumbler it’s half the price of a Yeti and you can purchase a lid that closes. RTIC is a direct market sales company that sells products that are comparable to Yeti, Orca, Grizzly and others at half the price or more. They do not currently market to retail sales or dealers. If you want a product is comparable to the big name brands at half the price check out RTIC product line. This is not a sales pitch, I’m just a guy that needed a good cooler to take on a northern Saskatchewan Ca bear hunt and stumbled upon this product.

  5. Have you tried the Hydro Flask 20oz? They have lots of different sizes by this would provide a good comparison. Same double walled stainless steel but the lid seals completely and thus not allow heat or cold out through the drink hole. The lid is not clear however. I can tell when I’m getting low by the weight and slosh of the container. They even have a straw top that opens and closes for easy drinking. You really should check them out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And no, I don’t work for them.

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