‘John Wick’ Training: Reeves at the Range

Keanu Reeves showed a lot of choreographed gun-handling skills in the 2014 flick John Wick, and now he’s training for the franchise’s second installment.

Last week, Taran Tactical Innovations, a Simi Valley, California gun store, released videos of the 51-year-old actor practicing his gun-handling skills in a 3 Gun set up. In the 37-second clip, Reeves starts with an AR, firing several rounds right to left, then transitions to a handgun, then he picks up a shotgun. It looks like he smoothly clears one malfunction with the shotgun.

In another clip edited on at the end, he works at contact distances with a handgun, very similar to situations his character encountered in the original John Wick movie.

Reeves also used a lot of gunplay as The Matrix (1999) character “Neo.” Looks like he’s willing to put in the range time to get the gun-handling skills right on the set. Kudos to him for the effort.

4 thoughts on “‘John Wick’ Training: Reeves at the Range”

  1. GO BABY GO !!! I wish I had a set up like that to practice on ! Keanu , I loved the fist movie !Segal was great in the day , but you put him to shame! A lot more fluid moves in combat and great firearms handling !You and your training staff have much to be proud of. Even when I was your age , I don’t think I could pull it off like you! It’s great to see you back on the big screen!

  2. Finally, a Hollywood Star who is “seen” with the tools he makes movies with, instead of pushing “gun control” like the normal hypocrites in La-La Land. Stallone, Liam Neeson, Matt Damon, and other “Action” movie stars who make their living off of the “gun culture” all “hate” guns. I no longer pay to go to ANY of the Hollywood hypocrites movies, and a coordinated effort boycotting these hypocrites movies might change their tune, or at least teach them to shut up about something they really have no idea about, especially the foreign actors who come from places that don’t allow guns at all.

  3. WOW!! I think that I just got a lot more respect for this guy! It would appear that he walks it like he talks it! It’s too bad that in Hollywood, this might hurt his career.

  4. That wasn’t a malfunction, it was an emergency reload from a single-shell carrier mounted just in front of the ejection port.

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