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Top Hunting and Shooting Equipment Brands for 2015

shooting-hunting-survey graphicSouthwick Associates, a Fernandina Beach, Fla.–based market research and economics firm specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor-recreation markets, released what it says are the top brands for many hunting- and shooting-product categories in 2015. This list was compiled from internet-based surveys completed in 2015 and panels.

Midsouth Shooters Supply looked over Southwick’s product-category winners and assembled the 10-most-popular category winners for 2015:

Reloading Components

Top Reloading Bullet Brand: Hornady

Top Reloading Primer Brand: CCI

Top Reloading Powder Brand: Hodgdon


Top Shotgun Ammunition Brand: Winchester

Top Rifle Ammunition Brand: Federal

Top Handgun Ammunition Brand: Winchester

Top Blackpowder Brand: Pyrodex

Shooting Equipment

Top Scope: Leupold

Top Muzzleloader: CVA

Top Holster/Ammo Belt Brand: Blackhawk

In a previous survey of people who said they reloaded, 88 percent cited “saving money” as the key reason. The survey, conducted in September 2015, said that “improving accuracy” was the second largest interest of handloaders at 70 percent. “Obtaining rounds difficult to find in stores” came in third with 40 percent, and “reducing waste” was cited as a reason by only 30 percent. Survey participants could choose more than one reason.

Of the types of ammunition reloaded, 76 percent reload rifle ammo, 64 percent reload for their handguns, and 30 percent reload shells for their shotguns.

“Over time, ammunition can be the most expensive aspect of recreational shooting, so it makes sense that avid shooters see reloading as a way to cut costs without cutting time at the range,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. “Of course, a key byproduct of saving money through reloading is a person also becomes more knowledgeable about their firearm’s performance and can even potentially achieve better performance by fine-tuning a specific load to their firearm.”

You can participate in the surveys at and

How do these survey results stack up, in your opinion?



7 thoughts on “Top Hunting and Shooting Equipment Brands for 2015”

  1. Handgun target shooter, mostly. LDEWC = most popular bullet, Alliant Bullseye = powder. All else, agreed

  2. Which Federal Rifle rifle rounds were the most popular? If in 2014 -2015 the most popular ammo was the only ammo available thru Walmart the survey was manipulated thru lack of any selection due to what ever caused the shortage.

    We found in 2014-2015 during the shortage in Tennessee the cheap Federal Power Shock rounds were the left overs in Walmarts in the .270 or 30-06 caliber. If you wanted to buy the Federal Sierra rounds you were out of luck. In Florida the Walmarts usually only had Winchester. Remington Core-Lokt was available sometime. In Florida we never saw Federal rounds in our caliber. The higher end Hornity or Federal Sierra rounds at ProBass and Gander mountain were some times available for double the price but we did not use them at the range except in a limited amount to verify expected grouping, We liked saving money but liked knowing that at 100 yards the more expensive rounds would be in the center on the target. I shoot my deer and hogs in the head so it is important to be confident on the accuracy of the round. The price, lack of availability, and accuracy of the better rounds was the reason half of our group started reloading.

  3. I think this survey falls right on target with my group of friends. I was wondering how manufacturers of progressive presses and single stage presses would have fared with our findings.

  4. Cost just makes sense after the initial investment. Accuracy is the benefit when you play around.. and we all do at some point.

  5. try hollow based bullets with a reduced charge (80% minimum) for .45 ACP target work. Better engagement of the rifling, less distortion of the bullet+ tighter groups with minimal change in drop @ 50 yds. It may surprise you.

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