Glock on Mars?

Photo courtesy of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Photo courtesy of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

One of the latest photos beamed back to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from a Mars rover appears to show the first handgun ever spotted on Mars. Some commenters say it’s a spitting image of a Glock 17. Others argue that the big slide and overall size make it a spitting image of a Desert Eagle. What’s your take?

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    1. Totally agree. It’s not a firearm at all. What appears to be a slide looks to me like a gap or open space…

  1. Why that’s one of those new cheap cobra 9mm’s, who’da thunk that martians would be into such cheap guns, lmao!!!

  2. Martian made 27mm “hand cannon”, they are a bit heavy, but with the reduced gravity on Mars, it’s not to bad. Don’t forget to spend a little extra on “CO2 sealed ammo”.
    BTW the Marines have been carrying these “un-officially” for years. If you are wanting buy them in quantity , there is a dealer on LV-426 who can make you a good deal.
    I know, not funny, but what do expect from a Sea Bee.

  3. Everybody knows Martians have better taste in pistols than to own a ugly glock! Who knows though maybe the Martians wife bought the glock for his birthday. Then when the Martian saw it he said” Christ this is the ugliest weapon I’ve ever seen!” Then he threw it out the spaceship window. Several other Martians have seen it while driving past but none stopped to pick it up for free cause they thought it was a$$ ugly too;-)

  4. Oh! My God! It looks like a GUN! Somebody needs to ban Mars, or NASA! Hell even ban the rover! We can’t go there, EVER! There’s a rock that looks like a gun! Somebody might pick it up and point it at someone! GEESH! Pretending to be a Liberal!

  5. Hey look if i had a space rig ,i’d surely cruise down to earth grab me a thousand rounds ,a good pistal and then go some where like mars and pop a couple rocks have a good time. When your out of ammo on mars what do you do with the thing :(pitch it ) sounds highly likely to me

  6. It is obviously a newly developed laser gun that will not be allowed by US gun control politicians for civilian use.

  7. Nostalgic?
    A collector?
    Same reason I have “inferior” old firearms like a British SMLE, Mauser 98, 1903 Springfield, and Mosin Nagant.
    Or studying their enemies!

  8. Dudes, that is not a Glock, it’s a Pop-Tart that has been eaten into the shape of an M&P 9L. You can clearly see the outline of the replaceable back strap. You’d think with the money being spent on this mission they could supply a HD photo to settle this question.

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