Gun Show Loop Hole


Conservative pundit and comedian Steven Crowder wanted to see how easy it is to purchase automatic rifles, which some liberal politicians and celebrities have claimed is a walk in the park. Also, he tried to buy semi-auto rifles without a background check, which anti-gun forces have said is possible. He then featured the undercover stunt on his web-based series Louder With Crowder. Click the video below to see how he failed spectacularly:

15 thoughts on “GUN-SHOW LOOPHOLE: NOT”

  1. As much as you’d like to poo-poo the gun show loophole, I’ve personally seen it in action. I watched a local citizen buy a 9mm pistol from a “private seller” in Springfield MO without a background check. In fact, the purchaser told the seller he didn’t think he could pass a background check. The seller’s response? “That’s OK. I don’t do background checks.”

  2. Any licensed dealer is required to do a background check prior to the sale of a firearm. I don’t know if a private individual, who is not a licensed dealer can rent a table at a gun show to sell personal firearms, I only know that I have never met one at a gun show. Democrats will tell lies, make up stories, deny facts, and do anything in their power to pass laws that give them greater control over individual rights. That’s how we got stuck with obamacare. The $2,500 yearly savings in health care costs for the average American family, the keep you health insurance if you like you health insurance, etc. etc. was all fabricated lies. I could not keep my health care insurance and the policy I got stuck with has a higher deductible, higher copay, more limitations, and costs me and my wife an additional $12,000 a year. Do you really want to trust the Democrats, who want only to close the nonexistent “gun show loopholes”, to keep their fingers off your rights to own firearms, buy ammunition, and protect your family? PS to obama, some character selling stolen guns out of his trunk to bros in the hood is not a licensed gun dealer, and his trunk is not a “gun show”.

    1. Most of the sellers at SW MO gun shows are “private” sellers. They are not technically dealers; therefore there is currently no requirement for them to conduct background checks. This is the “Gun Show Loophole,” and it is anything but nonexistent. Don’t know where you’re from, but you can come to my part of the country and witness it every weekend there’s a gun show.

      Your bloviating about Obamacare is stupid in this context and has nothing to do with the subject under discussion. Please pay attention and stay on topic.

    2. I used to live in Illinois and I have seen just how their justice system really works. They try their very best to NOT put a criminal in jail for very long. I keep calling tit their revolving door justice. They will plea bargain a crime down so far that most get probation if anything at all. They will do it for the same criminal over and over. They complain about the cost of jailing them. They never think about the cost to their victims. Of course it’s not coming from their pockets. Some counties are worse than others. Illegal gun possession is no big deal in some of them downstate. Champaign County for one!! I guess they want to wait till they kill someone and then give them a couple months in jail!

  3. I have been hearing about this “GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE” ever since Obama has been in office. Really confused about it because I wasn’t sure about other parts of the US. It’s just another libtarded lie to try to seperate you from your guns. If the people don’t stop electing these idiots they will put enough liberal supreme court justices in to lose our rights to our guns.

    1. Please come to Springfield, MO the weekend of 12-13 March. I will personally escort you and allow you to observe the gun show loophole as you see literally dozens of “private sellers” performing sales with absolutely no background check. Then you can come back on this site and say: “I was wrong. There is a gun show loophole.”

      1. So I guess you think no one should be able to sell their gun except to a dealer for 20% of their value?
        My guess you have never ever shot a gun & have a Bloomberg’s picture over your bed.

      2. Wow! You are a really bad mind reader. I simply think every sale should be preceded by a background check.

        Don’t like Bloomberg. Never have, never will.

        I’ve shot weapons you’ve likely never seen. Like 106 mm Recoilless Rifles.

  4. There is no such thing as a legal “loophole”. It’s either law or it is not law. Politicians yelling “loophole” are the ones wanting to enforce as law potential statutes that could not make it thru the legislative process. This is true of legislation related to anything especially firearms and the tax code. Remember that.

    As far as selling legally owned items of personal property to those individuals legally allowed to own them it’s none of any governments business. In the past I have sold such items off a gun show table. My personal rule was to see a current in-state driver’s license for a long gun plus a current in-state concealed carry license for a handgun and have the buyer sign a bill-of-sale for the benefit of each of us; but that’s just me.

    Hussein Obama’s recent executive actions are pure BS. It’s already illegal to buy any firearm shipped across state lines without having it go thru a receiving FFL holder with a corresponding background check. His attack on Internet sales is just a “loophole” as defined by an “a–hole”. See above for definition of “loophole”. Take a good look at Hussein Obama for definition of “a–hole”.

    1. Whew! Such bloviating. But here’s the thing. If you don’t run a background check you really don’t know if the individual you’re selling that gun to is legally allowed to own it or not.

  5. Not bloviating roger, facts. On this issue the job of the govt is to control criminals not to infringe on rights that pre-date our Constitution. If they’re a danger to society isolate them. If an individual identifies himself properly as not being prohibited from receiving a firearm and signs an agreement to that effect he is entitled to exercise his 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear.

    1. And what if he’s a liar? Aren’t you guys the one’s who keep saying criminals don’t follow the law? His signature on a piece of paper doesn’t mean squat. All purchasers need to be run through the Instant Check system.

    2. Actually, when you wander off topic like you did in the first and third paragraphs, you’re bloviating.

  6. It’s all pointless to debate it. HERE IS THE POINT: Making gun show sales illegal without a background will do NOTHING to reduce crime. The overwhelming majority of criminals get their guns on the black market which can never be controlled because the guns are stolen in most cases. The idea that a determined terrorist, sociopath, or mentally ill person will abandon efforts to obtain firearms or weapons of any kind elsewhere because of the existence of a background check requirement at some gun show is ludicrous. Many have no criminal records anyway. If they do, you can get a black market AK on the streets of Chicago, NYC or any left-wing Democratic city for $1200, pistols for $400 or less. All gun control and registration does is make it more difficult for the honest law abiding citizen to collect guns, shoot guns, or defend themselves.

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