Taya Kyle Addresses POTUS at Town Hall.

Last night President Barack Hussein Obama took to the airwaves yet again, to repeat his rhetoric on gun control at a town hall style meeting with press and commentators. The president has stood by his agenda from day one, but decided in the last few remaining months of his presidency to make it an issue worth politicizing for liberal gains at the polls in 2016.

Taya Kyle, widow of war hero Chris Kyle, challenged Obama openly at the town hall. Please take a moment to watch the clip below.

There are several issues here, but let’s break down what you’re seeing here:

Firstly, you stand up. Stand up and address the lady. It’s taken up till now for the president to even acknowledge Taya or Chris Kyle, and offer a word of thanks. He didn’t stand to do this. He didn’t shake her hand. A hug may have been a bit much for some, but it wouldn’t have been off the table. It may be my upbringing that causes me to take offense to any man that treats another person this way. He’s an elected official who’s protected because of what he is, not who he is. This does not give him the right to disrespect anyone, especially the widow of a hero who died helping those who’ve given so much for their country.

Taya Kyle made excellent points on how the media is causing terror by using this current administrations agenda against the general public. People are scared, and the likelihood of anything violent happening to them now is remote. You wouldn’t know that by the way our media, and current administration sensationalizes the acts of the mentally unstable or the criminally driven, but they’re good statistics, nonetheless.

Secondly, the president is a broken record when it comes to his agenda, and he will not deviate from that agenda. In his mind Guns=bad, Gun Control=good.

Here’s his false narrative on that. The president says:

“The fact of the matter is that violent crime has been steadily declining across America for a pretty long time. And you wouldn’t always know it from watching television.” (this part is true, and it weirds me out to think that he admitted to something backed by fact) “Now, I challenge the notion that the reason for that is that there is more gun ownership. Because if you look at the where the areas are with the highest gun ownership, those are the places that the crime hasn’t dropped down that much,” (nope, that’s just false, or they are areas with low crime already, i.e. New Hampshire) “and the areas with the greatest amount of gun control, gun deaths are down.” (It must be amazing to be able to disregard entire cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit. The overall total of gun deaths may be down from years past, but they are still the largest hot spots for gun violence today in the U.S.A.)

The president went on to tell a single mother of two, also a survivor of rape, that he wouldn’t make it harder for her to arm herself for protection, but goes on to contradict himself further by telling the next questioner that he would make obtaining a weapon more difficult for everyone by doing whatever he could to increase the prices of firearms, therefor making them harder to obtain.

It seems that this administration will continue with its impotent agenda, while trying to remain as divisive as possible, in hopes that they can scare the ignorant voter into showing up at the poles for protection, and more “free” stuff.

Please feel free to express your opinions in the comments (no foul language please), but also remember that you are not alone in your sentiments on gun control. Remember that Taya Kyle voiced her thoughts to the President of the United States, and all he could do was stammer his memorized statement. He didn’t cry this time, though.

21 thoughts on “Taya Kyle Addresses POTUS at Town Hall.”

  1. Take the least amount of respect I have for obama (no caps & ‘president’ intentionally omitted), drop ‘least’, add most, multiply by 100 and that equates my feelings & respect for Ms. Kyle…..

    1. I not only concur with Mr Deals response but I personally see most of my friends emails everyday that agree and also show this so called leader of the Greatest Country in the World absolutely no respect for him or his family personally but for the office he represents. I feel that the far majority of most Americans are finally seeing how weak, distrustful and non leader BHO IS and the Democratic party will be in shock on this election that even some of their votes will come from those ignorant enough to only see Democrats for the hand outs. I’m praying those poor realize that the free stuff isn’t enough and that their position in today’s World has worsened under Democratic rule.

  2. No I have no respect for anyone who wants to make things up a say this is the fact-obama is one delusional individual, he should look in DC and check out the crime rates- Maybe they should remove the secrete service’s arms and see how good they will be protecting his family. Not wishing harm to his family, god forbid!!! Deal with the criminals not the objects used. In newtown the guns used were legally bought by the persons mother-she was killed by him and the guns were stolen -I could go on but we all agree take out the criminals and live life as free individuals

  3. Admittedly, I did not watch the town hall telecast due to concerns regarding my blood pressure. However, I have seen replays of Mrs. Kyle asking the President a question. I was extremely impressed with her demeanor. She appears to be a very intelligent lady! Good job Mrs. Kyle!!

  4. Obama “people who have been using shell corporations or trusts and buying sawed off shotguns, automatic weapons and silencers could very well be gun traffickers and drug dealers”

    First of president Ovomit… criminals do not buy REGISTERED NFA weapons, IE short barreled shotguns, machine guns and suppressors, they buy them off the black market or make them themselves! Anyone that knows about NFA firearms knows that it costs $200 per item for the transfer tax and the cost of the items are well beyond what your average person can afford to spend. $10,000 average for an automatic weapon when you can manufacture an UN-REGISTERED item for far less and NOT have the government know about it.

    It’s time to clean up D.C. people, Ovomit and the rest of his cronies need to be given their walking papers and or put behind bars where many of them belong, they are far worse criminals than the ones they pretend to be trying to stop!

    You can tell when this guy is lying, his lips are moving!

  5. I listened for as long as I could until he started his double talk and to sway the facts to further the socialist agenda. I thank Taya for having the intestinal fortitude to even speak to such an individual and not call him out for what he is, I could not of done that without injecting obscenities. He despises this country for what it stands for and how/why it was founded, G.W. did allot of damage but the big O has done much more and still has time on his hands to push some more of his agenda.

    Thanks to Chris for his service and Taya for being his partner in life.

    Tom G.
    MSG USA (retired)

  6. These communist have only one plan and that is to disarm us. As long as we can defend ourselves we can remain free. The day we are caught empty handed will be the day they start filling mass graves!!

  7. Sincere thanks to Chris and Taya both for their service and their sacrifices .

    I’m sick of Osama’s, oops…Obama’s, bovine scat and this was just more of that.
    Comparing automobile “accidents” to purposeful acts of firearm violence is like comparing a Humvee to a pig. It’s worthless and an insult to any level of intelligence, and it just annoys the pig.
    And, this reported statistic regarding 30 % of all internet sales are purchased by felons, is as ridiculous as he is. The only way such a statistic could be obtained is by the requirement of internets gun sites to send their firearms to an FFL location for final processing, including the background check. If true, it only proves the systems in place are working and just how stupid those felons are in the first place.

    America needs to get its collective heads out of its butt and do some serious selections and voting this year. It only has itself to blame for elected officials like Obama.


    USAf Viet Nam veteran

  8. It makes no sense to even communicate with someone who states trusts are setup for criminal organizations to purchase NFA weapons. Shell companies, maybe, but for money laundering, not for NFA weapon ownership! I bet there is not a single trust setup for NFA firearm ownership by a criminal organization so they can pay 25 times more for a firearm rather than have them brought in thru the same channels illegal drugs are brought in; for less than it would cost for an off the shelf AK purchased in the US.

    There should be a moderator to stop him in mid-sentence and explain that if someone purchased a $20k rifle (+$200), a $1k suppressor (+$200), and have 5 SBRs (+$200×5); they should not have to have their partner or children pay all the taxes again upon their death (if EVEN possible in a few years) or risk loosing ownership of these large investments without any return on these estate investments.

    The $200 tax stamp was put in place in 1934? Put that into an inflation calculator. As we all know it was a deterrent. It is perfectly logical that obama will go after that angle and increase the NFA tax for todays inflation. Then, without trusts, someone who otherwise would be included in the trust could inherit a $50k collection and not be able to afford the taxes. Not sure how that works but the BATF may take possession and destroy them, thus removing additional pre-84 registered NFA weapons. The lack of trusts gives further potential for executive abuse by using increased taxation or frivolous background checks within family to family transfers (husband passes away, wife accepted social security so she is not eligible given the future of gun control tactics).

    I don’t even care that much about NFA weapons other than I am very glad those who can afford the small supply vs. demand curve have the “right” to keep and bear them! The real concern is that we cannot stand by as the temperature warms as it is said the boiling frog does.

    Thank you Mrs. Kyle for standing up and keeping obama lying and working his agenda. The trusts statement for me was a red flag of his long term agenda.

  9. Obama does nothing but lie. Cities and states with the toughest gun laws have the worst crime. Where does he get one in three internet sales are by people with criminal records? It is no different than any other firearms sale, how could it be possible? There are no loop holes. He is totally lying. He only wants more restrictions on gun ownership. Taya’s courage to stand up against such a psychopath was impressive.

  10. Criminals don’t care about gun control laws, if they cared about laws then they wouldn’t be criminals. By trying to make guns harder to get all you are doing is making it harder for the honest hard working American. In my opinion obama is the real threat to our country.

  11. IMHO it is disturbing that Tom G. claims ‘G.W. did a lot of damage’ but claiming Obama is worse. G.W. is a SAINT compared to the current POTUS. By the way, one votes at the polls, not the ‘poles’.

  12. Thank you Taya. Your verbal duel with Ovomit will do more good for the firearms owners of this nation than anyone could have done. I’ve been told you can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out of office. I am concerned that we have a problem with this. As a nation we have a large number of people that are to stupid to be allowed to vote. These people will support and vote for the people that give them free government aid. The good old boy form of government has to go. If we ran our private businesses the way our government is being ran we would all end up in prison. I think that is where most of our senators and congressman belong.

  13. I for one would like to take a moment to personally thank Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Without their idiotic timing on pushing their gun control agenda we may have actually elected another liberal idiot into office. I feel very confident this is a republican election due the their efforts. With any luck due to their simple mindedness we will continue to have a republican controlled congress as well. Make sure to go vote every vote counts apparently if your a legal citizen or not thanks to Adolf Hussien Obama.

  14. Every time I have gone to the LGS to pick up my NFA items following BATFE approval, I submit a 4473, as required, for being the settlor of the trust. And does anyone really think that the BATFE does not look into the names of the individuals listed on the trust agreement during the approval process? What a ridiculous statement from the president that trusts are used as vehicles for criminals to gain access to NFA items without a background check.

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