Why Are Existing Federal Gun Laws Not Enforced?

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre says in the video below, “President Obama has all the laws he needs to stop the bloodshed now.” Then LaPierre goes on to recount how federal law enforcement of existing gun laws is practically nonexistent, and if the Department of Justice won’t prosecute gun illegalities as it is, why does Obama ask for more restrictions on gun sales? What’s your opinion?

5 thoughts on “Why Are Existing Federal Gun Laws Not Enforced?”

  1. Not to sound like a conspirator but why wouldn’t you enforce the laws unless you don’t want to see a drop in illegal gun activity. That would not fit the narrative of a epidemic of gun violence.

  2. That was my exact question for Obama. Mark Kelly was not arrested and charge with his false statement on the form 4473 he filed out to buy the AR-15 in Arizona! He was turned down after he himself admitted he was not buying it for himself. So he commits a felony and gets away with it. I wonder Why??

  3. The current administration doesn’t care about enforcing existing firearm laws because it does nothing to accomplish the ultimate goal of making firearm ownership almost impossible. If that wasn’t the ultimate goal Obama would not profess to believe in the 2nd Amendment, out of one side of his mouth, while advocating confiscation schemes, such as took place in Australia, out of the other.

  4. Their “focus” is not on those who LIE and get turned down for an FFL transaction. Their FOCUS is on those of us whom already have a weapon, but not willing to give them up and CONFORM to the narrative. The Liberal agenda, which is not to prevent violence, but to register all weapons, to be able to know where the weapons are in case of civil crisis, to control We The People. If they were truly wanting to prevent violence, they would start in Obama’s own back yard, Shitcago, and D.V., Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, Baltimore, Trenton, Camden, San Frasnsicko, and all the other thug slum cities, which are ALL CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRAT mayors. All have high crime zones within their cities, and most have strict gun ” control” laws. Coincidence? I think not. AN ARMED society truly is a polite society. Rob me, and I will kill you without blinking an eye, even if you say please.

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