Ruger Rolls Out ‘American’ Pistol Line

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) has announced a new line of full-size duty pistols, available in 9mm Luger and .45 Auto. The two 9mms are Model Nos. 8605 (17+1) and 8607 (10+1) and the 45 is Model No. 8615, and all will list for $579 MSRP.

The Ruger American Pistol is built on a one-piece precision-machined stainless-steel chassis with integral frame rails and fire control housing. It has a black nitrided finish, Novak LoMount Carry three-dot sights, a stainless steel slide with non-reflective black-nitride finish, and a one-piece glass-filled nylon grip frame. The front accepts accessories on a mil-standard 1913 rail.

“The Ruger American Pistol is the most advanced semi-auto pistol we have ever produced,” noted Ruger CEO Mike Fifer.

The 9mm weighs in at 30 ounces with a 4.2-inch barrel and the .45 weighs in at 31.5 ounces with a 4.50-inch barrel. Both ship in a hard case with replaceable grip modules and two, nickel-Teflon plated steel magazines. Capacities are 17 rounds for 9mm and 10 rounds for .45 Auto. 10-round magazines are also available for the 9mm for those states which restrict round counts.

CEO Fifer said that Ruger polled law enforcement and military trainers throughout the country to determine the form, function, and features of this firearm. The resultant new pistol combines a recoil-reducing barrel cam to spread recoil over time, a low-mass slide, low center of gravity and a low bore axis to provide better balance, less felt recoil and less muzzle flip.

The Ruger American Pistol also features a pre-tensioned striker system, which allows for a short takeup trigger with positive reset, and a modular wrap-around grip system that adjusts palm swell and trigger reach to fit a wide range of hand sizes.

If you purchase one of the new  Ruger American Pistols, come to Midsouth Shooters Supply for ammunition and accessories to personalize this product. And be sure to tell us what you like and don’t like about the handguns once you’ve had a chance to shoot them.


6 thoughts on “Ruger Rolls Out ‘American’ Pistol Line”

  1. Too little too late…without on hands experience…it is gonna be hard for Ruger or S&W or Sig to catch up to the availability of drop in Glock parts and the vast logistics that Glock now enjoys.

    Ruger will probably make money on this model line of pistols…no matter what anyone’s view is of how Glock came into such wide acceptance (And there was some shady shenanigans by Glock we all must admit)…Glock’s are easy to work on and change out of parts is reasonable in price and ultra simplistic. Again…too little too late.

    Then there is the problem of extra magazines at reasonable prices etc.

  2. Imagine that…a knowledgeable comment and you guys didn’t like that….well Ruger’s new “American Pistol” will never ever match what Glock has accomplished and will never have the logistics of parts and magazines in circulation.

    Now…delete that one will ya??!!! You get a biased moderator against Glock evidently and you clowns cannot handle that fact that Glcok did indeed pull some real shady business dealings to get where Glock is at today….and don’t get past the concept that Gaston Glock may indeed still get charged under the RICO Act!! And I have Glocks!!

    I swear.

  3. Hope the new Ruger has a safety.
    Glock really pulled off a good one by convincing people that their trigger was a safety. Other manufactures have now done the same. A safety prevents the gun from firing when the trigger is pulled. Glocks do not have a safety. That type of firearm is an accident waiting to happen and they do happen. If you want to carry a firearm without the safety just don’t put it on leave it off. I wouldn’t recommend doing that to anyone.
    Sure hope the new Ruger has a safety.

  4. I’ve owned ruger’s for decades, as a sport paper shooter, and as my primary carry gun. I’ve used glocks, a Sig, S&W, and even government .45’s. I’ll be honest, it’s not always been easy to find furniture for my rugers and I really don’t care. I perfer not only because it’s an American company but they are and have been affordable, reliable firearms. Okay it’s got a new look and they are now competing against the biggest movie gun in the world. Well, when I was active duty I was issued a glock and promptly filled out the paperwork to carry my personal side are because I prefer my ruger. To me, my own personal opinion, glocks are for thugs who don’t have a real understanding of what it is to carry America not only in my heart but in my hand. I made an oath several decades ago to defend the constitution of America and I will do so with an American heart in my breast and in my hand. Sig makes a wonderful firearm, so does S&W, and if I am to carry a sidearm that is not a ruger I will take the battle proven XD imported by springfield before I’ll take a thug gun that every movie uses. Till that day I’ll stick to my ruger P94 and my P90DC. I’m just glad they got rid of that freaking metal clip on the right side right where my thumb goes, being a lefty and all…
    Stay true to yourselves and each other for we the people can truly only count on each other, for we can not trust those in suit’s. LOL, shame for I love to wear a suit…LOL

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