White House says high gun sales a tagedy

White House: High Gun Sales Are a ‘Tragedy’

The FBI conducted 185,345 firearms background checks on Black Friday, the most ever during a single day. Asked why he thinks so many Americans are buying guns, White House press secretary Josh Earnest replied, “I don’t know, I really don’t.”

The record number of gun sales came two weeks after the Islamic State’s terrorist attacks in Paris, but before the San Bernardino,California, terrorist massacre.

“In some cases these are individuals who believe that they need to buy a gun so that they can better protect themselves,” Earnest added. “In some cases because it’s Black Friday, they probably are going and purchasing a gift for a friend or a loved one who is a gun enthusiast. I’m just pointing out that there are already an astonishing number of guns on the streets of America and far too many innocent Americans who are being killed by them.”

“The more that we see this kind of violence on our streets, the more people go out and buy guns,” Earnest said. “That is both ironic and tragic.”

Perhaps our readers can help Mr. Earnest out by telling him why you or folks you know bought firearms recently. And, let him know if you agree that it’s “a tragedy” that record numbers of Americans bought guns in recent weeks.

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  1. People are buying guns for protection. Don’t know what is so hard to understand. If someone or a group of people kick in my door no matter what time of day I don’t think they will wait for me to call 911 and for the cops to show up. Same goes if attacked on the street. I guess why they don’t get it is because them as well as Hollywood rich and famous and the rest of the rich have armed security. Try living in our world or at lest take your head out of your ass.

  2. One of the responsibilities of government is to keep its citizens safe under the freedom of the Constitution. This it has not done.

    One of the responsibilities of a head of household is to keep his family safe. The less the government fulfills its responsibilities, the greater the necessity for an individual to secure the means to protect his family and fellow citizens to fulfill his responsibilities.

  3. The real tragedy is that the office of the Prez of our fine country thinks that the will of the people, 185,345 on that single day alone, is “a tragedy”.

  4. Most people purchase guns for protection. Help, IS NOT, a phone call away. A lot of us are intelligent enough to realize this and we are prepared to defend ourselves. I refuse to do business with any establishment that does not allow concealed carry. Why is it that thugs always seem to target no gun zones?
    The rest are inclined to purchase in record numbers because the CURRENT Government has made them feel like it’s now or never. Why can’t you (government) see this?
    Are you really surprised?

  5. You can’t possibly be that stupid to ask a question like that. People do not trust the police, all they do is show up after the massacre and maybe kill the people that did it and maybe not. Sometimes they catch them and give them a couple of years in prison. Wake up and don’t ask such stupid questions like we don’t understand why people are buying guns especially when most of the people in the government have bodyguards with guns.

  6. Everyone “should” know that when you need help facing an assailant the police will NOT be there. You are on your own. I am 70 years old and I’ve had three unsuccessful back surgeries. There is no way I can fight off one 6’2″, 220 lb attacker, let alone several. One hard blow to the back and I will be permanently paralyzed. I cannot take that chance. Therefore I own guns and I carry them.

    I no longer hunt, partially due to my physical limitations and partially due to the fact that I do not like to eat wild game. In addition to the self-defense angle I just enjoy the sport of target shooting. For me it is much like golf or bowling is for a lot of people. What is wrong with that? I believe that my reasons for having and carrying a gun are valid.

    I believe that the reason for the increased rate of gun sales since Obama took office is that he and many liberal Democrats seem to be intent on overturning the 2nd Amendment. There are a lot of people, many of which have never owned or even shot a gun, who are trying to get what they want and feel they need NOW, while they still can.

    From what I can tell MOST of the homicides in this country seem to be gang related. If that is where the problem is then that is where effort should be directed to clear up the problem. I suspect that very few, if any, 20 year old gang-bangers would turn their guns in if they were outlawed. The only thing that such a change in the laws would accomplish is to make easy victims of people like my wife and myself.


  8. These liberal retards make these comments to other liberal retards who hang on their every word because they have been programmed to not think for themselves. How about open borders, total lack of enforcement and convictions of existing gun laws for criminals, blobama being a muslim sympathizer, the US govt funding and arming isis, refugees given benefits and citizenship here on taxpayer dollars, gun free zones, and all the politicians and elites having their own armed 24/7 security details to ensure their safety. How about our safety? They could care less and they are trying to move towards gun confiscation. They will do that with guns and with force. How ironic, huh? And they wonder why American citizens don’t trust their own corrupt, self serving, hypocrytical war monger govt. Hmmmmmmm.

  9. Supreme court has ruled that a police has no constitution duty to protect someone from harm. That means you are responsible for your own and your families protection. You should be worrying about the criminals and terrorist with guns and not the law abiding citizens that are purchasing guns to protect themselves from the same.

  10. First, read the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. Then read the Second Amendment as it is written and ratified, not the way Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Schumer, Ms. Clinton, and Ms. Feinstein wish or think it should be written and/or interpreted. Americans do not want fascism controlling this nation. The Founding Fathers clearly wanted Americans to have the ability to defend ourselves against even the appearance of fascism. Thus the rise in gun ownership is, in part, explained by Americans exercising our Constitutional rights to protect ourselves against what increasingly appears as the growing threat of a fascist government. Furthermore, Mr. Ernest clearly has no understanding of the basic, fundamental, economic principal of supply and demand. This is why the Eighteenth Amendment failed, and why the “War on Drugs” and immigration policies are failing miserably – Government can legislate supply, but not demand. Simply put, the more government tries to weaken the Second Amendment, even to the point of repeal, the more gun ownership will proliferate. As proof, look at the increase in gun ownership and NRA membership after January 1, 2013, and before Sen. Feinstein’s watered down gun ban bill was defeated on the floor of the Senate. “Gun control” in America is a fantasy. No intelligent person could truly believe it is possible. Mr. Ernest is either a fool or a liar.

  11. Unlike you Washington pukes, we don’t get Secret Service protection, and most of us can’t afford armed security to watch over us. We have to watch out for ourselves. Sometimes that requires firearms. Every time a tragedy happens, the Gov’t starts talking about registration and / or confiscation of firearms, boosting sales. Here’s a thought-Quit trying to blame the tools used instead of the person doing the crime.

  12. Is it also tragic that recently our elected officials also bought up billions of hollow point bullets?I’ll tell what is tragic,thatPOTUS wants to bring in anyone into this country unvetted and then wants to disarm law abiding citizens so they cant protect themselves or family.Please join the NRA

  13. The best statement that I ever heard regarding guns was from a line in the film “Shane” with Alan Ladd. “A gun is just a tool, it is only as good or bad as the person behind it.” You anti-gunners need to understand this.

  14. To Obama & to Earnest , 1.) you all are letting in to the USA Islamic State’s terrorist . 2.) you all will not say there is a Islamic terrorist problem. 3.) there are too few policeman to protect every American. 4.) Every American needs to be the 1st responders to protect our families.

    The amount of deaths from shootings have gone down from the 1960’s. We have more people killed from DWI’s and car crashs than people being killed by guns. Your FBI data even shows that data.

  15. 1. To protect themselves from criminals (same reason police have guns).
    2. To protect themselves from their own government, who have become unbelievably corrupt in the last 50 years (anticipated by the Founding Fathers due to their personal experiences).
    3. To protect the constitution – in the case of foreign invasion, or (more likely) to protect it from the same people mentioned in #2 above who seem hell-bent on ignoring the rights designed to protect the people (also known as the Bill of Rights).
    4. The people saw the govt purchasing billions of rounds of hollow-point ammo. This type of ammo can’t be used by the military in foreign wars because of the Geneva Convention rules. There are not that many armed federal workers, and the ones that need to train/qualify usually only shoot a couple of hundred rounds per year.
    5. Since this is how politicians and rich people protect themselves; the people figured it would be a good way to protect themselves too.
    6. To ensure that our govt is controlled “By the PEOPLE” and “For the PEOPLE”.
    7. It is the 4th and final form of Checks & Balances and is the only protection for the people when the other 3 fail.
    8. Because Lord Dunmore was an asshole. Note: when the government tries to take away the people’s only form of self defense, it can trigger a revolution.
    9. Fear – why would your govt want to disarm you? What will they do once you are unarmed? Also, drones have been programmed to recognize armed people & to be able to autonomously kill that “target”. Of course, this would “never be used on American citizens” – this has to be true because the govt never lies to it’s people.
    10. The govt seems to be ignoring the Bill of Rights and attacking it’s own people (spying, 1st Amendment restrictions).
    11. Govt secrecy & lack of transparency.
    12. The govt & corporations control the media, spin & constantly attempt to sway people’s opinions in contradiction to the people’s own self-interest.
    13. Guns are the people’s last & final form of protection when ALL else fails. The only other protection would be to petition to the govt of a foreign country (and I don’t think we can count on the French to help us again).
    14. Elections are coming & the people fear that the next elected officials will continue to try to disarm the citizens by enacting more unconstitutional laws and Presidential Directives/Orders.

    Most of the above (except for #1) are the explicit reason behind the creation of the 2nd Amendment, which has nothing to do with hunting.

    In addition, there are more reasons:
    14. Shooting is fun, enjoyable, and challenging (just like other accuracy sports, such as golf, darts, bowling, archery, billiards, etc).
    15. Winter is hunting season for deer and other game.
    16. Some firearms are true works of art & are collected/displayed as art or for historical reasons.
    17. Because the people haven’t been able to obtain guns in the last 3 years and they are just beginning to become available and for a reasonable price again.
    18. The people saw what happened to the good citizens of Australia (nice TRICK). BTW, how is that working out for their crime rate now?
    19. Because bad people exist & they don’t care about the laws.
    20. Because a gun may be the only way a smaller weaker person can effectively protect themselves from bad people.
    21. Bad people can use anything (including their own hands) to kill an unarmed good person.

    Note, the rise in Black Friday sales had nothing to do with sale prices – guns are in such demand that most vendors didn’t have to lower prices of firearms much to sell them.

  16. Simply, no one trusts this president. We worry that he will further infringe on our 2nd Ademendment rights. He has proven time and again that he is willing to take drastic measures, legal or not, to change the country to his will. The most recent example was his lack of knowledge that the country was concerned about the recent Paris and San Bernadino terrorist incidents. In short, he is disconnected, arrogant, naïve, anti-Semetic, and a Black Liberation Theologist. I believe he does love our country, but has an entirely different agenda about how it should be according to his world outlook. When Egyptian TV personalities call our president a “coward” and “on the side of the terrorists” (not that I believe it to be intentional in any way) one must take notice.

  17. Amen to the Old Marine, we as law abiding gun owners don’t need
    another POTUS with her mentality. Keep buying guns and ammo
    and protect your family, because the police depts. of this country are getting their hands tied.

  18. The psychopaths in the executive branch want us disarmed so they can have complete control over our nation. How many millions of people has our government killed in foreign lands in the last decades?

    These are the psychopaths that we are supposed to trust with our lives? They could not give a hoot about any of us, we are just another piece of meat to them, prime for the butcher.

  19. “The remedy for evil men is not the abrogation of the rights of law abiding citizens. The remedy for evil men is the gallows.” Thomas Jefferson

  20. Forget why we buy guns, why does the government see the need to stockpile more ammo than could reasonably be used for training? My thinking is that they are getting ready for Obummer to do something stupid and also raise the price of ammo to make it too expensive for most citizens. Be very careful of the first and the second sure hasn’t worked. I wonder who is carrying to protect Jay, surely not him.

  21. We have learned one thing from Obama – if you disagree with a law, you just ignore it. Same applies for his dictatorial edicts.

    In Federalist No. 46, Madison says, respecting unconstitutional acts of the federal government:
    the People can refuse to cooperate with federal officers [7th para];
    State officials can oppose the feds [7th para];

    Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/04/nullification-is-a-natural-right-the-rightful-remedy-for-unconstitutional-laws/#dQlh22mwuJsw4xXC.99

  22. every dictator wanna be must first disarm the people before they can take over a country. it is in the history books at least the ones that have not been re-written. obama knows this and that is why he wants to take all of our guns away. this is not going to happen. no one has hurt our country in its entire history as much as this one man–he will not totally destroy the freedoms that have made America the greatest country in the world. that my friend will be obama’s legacy, like it or not.

  23. i think that because obama is on the news before the most recent victims have bled out he is the one encourage these terrorists to go out and kill again in the hopes that obama can get his way and disarm America wouldn’t that make the terrorists happy?

  24. One, I work in Law Enforcement and know the criminal mindset that sees the unarmed citizenry as nothing more than prey to be exploited. Law Enforcement despite its best efforts is usually limited to just responding to crime and violence.
    Two, the two things that politicians fear the most are free speech and an armed and responsible citizen. Take away the right to keep and bear arms and there will be no more free speech. Just study political history.

  25. Can you imagine the White House Press Secretary making the following statement, ” I understand that there were 190,000 individuals registered to vote on Black Friday. Some of these individuals may have an interest in participating in the political process of this republic while others just want a handout from the government. I don’t understand why, I really don’t. There have been far too many people killed or harmed in this country particularly in large cities Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Washington DC by irresponsible voters.”
    Actually that statement has some truth to it, but it will never be said by this administration.

  26. I challenge any politician from any party to examine any crime, committed with firearms or otherwise, and comprise a list of every law broken for said crime…. I’d venture to say that at least 6 broken laws per crime would be a low number. Which leads us to the true question to consider; if a criminal has no regard for the countless laws already in place, what makes anyone think more gun laws will stop criminals from committing crimes with guns? It won’t. It will only strip more rights and liberties from the law-abiding, honest citizens who do not violate the already standing laws. Simple dismantling of the Constitutional Rights of citizens for surreal expectations and false hope. If we want to deter criminals from committing crimes (regardless of the weapons used) we need to take the liberties of the inmates, not the citizens. An eye for an eye when appropriate; otherwise, incarceration needs to be “stripped down” to an undesirable venue; break the laws, you forfeit your liberties until the end of your sentence. Get the ACLU out of the picture, inmates are human and have rights, but they are to be FAR from those we law-abiding citizens enjoy.

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