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What’s Better Than Winning Awesome Prizes?

Helping out your fellow shooters. Midsouth Shooters Supply is excited to offer a huge giveaway, sponsored exclusively by Montana X-Treme Gun Cleaning Supplies.

Midsouth needs your help, but more importantly, so do other shooters like you. That’s why Midsouth is now offering product reviews on our entire inventory. These reviews allow you, our customers, the ability to let us know what works, what doesn’t, and let other reloaders, shooters and hunters know what to expect when making their purchase.

What does all this have to do with a GIVEAWAY?

Easy, if you do a review, you’re entered to win. If you’ve already done a review, you’re entered too!

How It Works:

1. Every Day, for the next 30 days, 1 Person (Reviewer) Will Be Our Chosen Winner, Drawn at Random from All Approved Reviews for That Day.

a. Anyone who’s done less than 10 reviews at the time of the drawing qualifies for a $20 Midsouth Shooters Supply Gift Card.

b. Anyone who’s done 10 or more reviews (Silver-Gold Badges) qualifies for a $40 Midsouth Gift Card at the time of the drawing.

2. As You Complete Reviews, You Earn Badges.

a. 0-4 Approved Reviews means no badges awarded

b. 5-9 Approved Reviews means you’ve reach Bronze Badge Status

c. 10-24 Approved Reviews means you’ve reached Silver Badge Status

d. 25+ Approved Reviews means you’re a Gold Badge wearing reviewing machine, and you’re word is your bond!

3. At the End of 30 Days, Midsouth and Montana X-Treme are Giving 10 Lucky Winners A Prize Pack. You, and 9 other folks will get to pick between the 22 caliber, or the 30 caliber Montana X-Treme Deluxe Cleaning Kit, plus hats, stickers, and other cool stuff.

4. Each Month thereafter, We’re Going Back and Choosing 1 Super Helpful Review, and that Reviewer gets a $40 Midsouth Gift Card, Plus an All-Star Reviewer Badge.

5. At Years End, One Lucky Gold Badge Reviewer Gets The Mother of All Grand Prizes (To Be Announced)

So, the more quality (approved) reviews you submit, the better your chances of winning one of these prizes will be. You must do the email verification process requested of you at the time of the review, in order to be entered to win. If we don’t know who you are, we can’t contact you. If you don’t, your review is classified as anonymous. Anonymous reviews are great, they just can’t be selected to get the goods.

Oh, Here’s Some Terms and Conditions. Read Them!

What’s an “Approved” Review?:

Just give an actual account of your experiences with the product. Doesn’t matter if you bought it from us, go ahead and let us know what you think of that product, what happened when you used it, it’s value to you, and whether or not you’d recommend using it.

Please do not mention our competitors in the review. They have their own reviews, we just want other shooters/reloaders like you to know what they’re in for before they take the plunge and buy whatever item it is they’re after.

Don’t curse. There’s ladies helping to moderate these reviews. If it’d make grandma blush, use another term, If grandma wouldn’t blush, then what about her grandma? Using this line of thinking will keep your review from being deleted.

In order to get your name thrown into the hat, you have to verify your email after the process. You have to review separate items in order to get another entry. 5 reviews by the same reviewer, on the same item, will get you tossed out.

Here’s another example of how your review could get pulled…

Remember, it’s all good and fine to try and get a prize, but the heart of the matter remains the same. We’re trying to help shooters by showing them what they can expect when buying a product, and how Midsouth can continue to carry the products our customers want, and trust.

Now What?:

You know what to do, and what not to do, so how do we let you know you’ve won? BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!!! We will continue to add to this blog post with winners, prizes, words from our sponsor, and updates on the giveaway as we go. It takes some time for these reviews to pass Moderation (Level 1 and 2 approvals), so we will announce the first set of winners on May 11th and 12th, 2015.

Well, Click Here to get started, and GOOD LUCK from all of us at Midsouth Shooters Supply and Montana X-Treme!


We have our first weeks winners listed below. Since we began this giveaway, our product reviews have increased, but we still need more. The more you review, the more you’re helping your fellow shooters make an informed choice.

Week 1:

Rick R.: $40 Gift Card and Gold Badge Level Achieved

Kevin W.: $40 Gift Card and Silver Badge Level Achieved

Dwight B.: $20 Gift Card

Matt K.: $20 Gift Card

Michael S.: $20 Gift Card

John D.: $20 Gift Card

Kevin C.: $20 Gift Card and Bronze Badge Level Achieved

Week 2:

Steven Z.: $40 Gift Card

Dennis N.: $40 Gift Card

Jose A.: $20 Gift Card

Ryan O.: $40 Gift Card

Kyle W.: $40 Gift Card

Larry K.: $40 Gift Card

Robert M.: $20 Gift Card

Week 3:
James S.: $40 Gift Card
Chris S.: $20 Gift Card
Stephen Z.: $20 Gift Card
Robert P.: $20 Gift Card
Mike S.: $40 Gift Card
Chris P.: $40 Gift Card
Bruce L.: $20 Gift Card

Week 4:
Dan S.: $40 Gift Card
Joevette: $40 Gift Card
Johnny S.: $20 Gift Card
Bill M.: $20 Gift Card
Clay M.: $20 Gift Card
Dan D.: $20 Gift Card
Joey L.: $20 Gift Card

Week 5:
David M.: $40 Gift Card
Donald G. $20 Gift Card
Charles B.: $20 Gift Card
Rene M.: $20 Gift Card
Lawrence D.: $20 Gift Card

Grand Prize Kit Winners!
Ryan w.
Bob P.
Dan S.
Ryan O.
Steven J.
Dennis N.
Mayor T.
Randall B.
Rick R.
Thomas T.

From now through December, we’ll choose our All-Star Reviewer. These reviews will be chosen based on how clearly they reviewed a product, how thoroughly they tested it, and how well they convey their experience to other shooters. These reviews can be positive or negative, as long as they are a well related review.

June All-Star Reviewer:
Larry K.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge
July All-Star Reviewer:
Chris K.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge
August All-Star Reviewer:
Jason R.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge

September All-Star Reviewer:
Gary B.: $40 Gift Card and All-Star Reviewer Badge

October All-Star Reviewer:     Gary G. : $40 Gift Card and all Star Reviewer Badge


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